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My Testimony of Faith

July 27, 2010

God is My Strength and here is just one situation where He was in control as long as we were faithful. Sorry it long but it just something I need to share and felt it would be safe on this thread…

After we purchased our first House 12 year ago (1998), while in prayer and meditation I hear a small voice tell me

One day someone is going to knock on your door and ask to buy your house and you must sell. I told my Husband but at the time he was a believer but walked in the flesh. He kept what I said close to his heart.

Two years later my Husband gave his Heart and soul to the Lord (blessing) and that is when the evil one started his attack.
One of neighbours who were really friendly suddenly changes. They became spiteful and angry

they started tell us how we were to have our yard, how and when we were to cut our grass what we could and could not have in our yard. They called the Bi-law officers twice a year if we did not comply with their demands. We were never found at fault by them for anything. This made the neighbours even angrier.

Then they decided since we did not own a vehicle that they were entitled to our driveway.

Instead of retaliating we prayed for them,

The Lord told us to keep blessing them so I gave them garden plants and veggies from my garden. This made them more furious that in 2004 the husband, came running at me fuming (his eyes looked like glass and the corner of his mouth had a foam like substance. (It reminded me of a rabid dog). All the sudden he stopped short. It was like he could not move any closer to me. (Blessing of Protection)

He started calling me every name in the book. I know that God was with me for I was not scared although everyone on the street that saw this was scared for me. (Blessing)

Instead I stood there in a meek and mild manner and asked what we did and how we could fix it. But he could not answer he just got angrier and angrier and every time he went to take a step closer to me he seem to be stuck in his place.

When I became aware I would be unable to reason with him I turned around and walked away. He continued to spout off mean and nasty things. Then a neighbour’s son who saw what transpired came to see if I was okay.

A week later it happens again this time he said we were in possession some of his property and he was tearing the fence down. When I asked for a survey he became furious with me again and gave an underline threat towards my family. This time the Lord impressed me to call the police.

The police could do nothing about the threat for it was not a direct threat but they told him if he spoke to us again then we could have him charged with harassment.

That night he took down the fence and claimed 5 feet of our yard, we could not afford a survey to rectify the matter and they refused to go to a mediator that I called.

We did not retaliate instead we prayed for them and for strength to endure.
We thought of sell our house but with my husband illness we could never set an appointment for viewing Plus the Lord promised me that Knock and I had faith in that promise.

So for 4 more years we lived with them and their anger. They shone Spot lights in our bedroom window — We just bought thicker curtains and looked at it as a security light for our backyard. Then they started leave have the music cranked up in their garage while they were at work all day. But we just ignored it or enjoyed it when we were outside working.

Then came the day that we were served with a notice to move our shed for it was supposedly on their Yard. No survey was produced yet.

We again prayed and a small little voice said do not worry for you are following my commands and vengeance is mine. (Blessing)

So we called our lawyer and told him about what was happening and were told without a survey there was nothing he could do.

Then their anger erupted again. He would bring over muscle built people and stand on the property line and stare at us all puffed up. We just go in and pray even when they continued to torment us in so many different ways we would just pray for a blessing upon them.

Just as our strength to overcome was beginning to weaken, the day the Lord promise me came and there was a knock on our door. (The house was never on the market.) (Blessing)

They offered us way more then what we thought our house was worth and in 40 days we moved to a better house with neighbours that are willing to do anything for us and became mortgage free. This happen just before the house market crash. Praise God for He is Great. (Blessing)

We felt that the Lord did not want us to leave the property line dispute for the new owners and since we were blessed we did not want to pass on our misfortunes. A survey was arranged so it would be paid for out of the proceeds from the house.

Well the property he claimed was his for 4 years did turn out to be part of our property.

I thought this situation was just affecting us but our non reaction is what the rest of the neighbours saw and on the day we moved they approached us and told us they knew what was going on even though we never said a word.

We were able to witness how God was our strength and show them God’s hand during the 7 years of torment. Our friends that were agnostic could not believe what we receive and one even said “I recognize your God.” So in God’s Glory the seeds have been planted (Blessing)

To this day, I still pray for our old neighbours and I believe one day they will know the Lord.

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