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Be Patient It May take Some Time

July 29, 2010

The street looked deserted as the blazing afternoon sun shone on it.. In the distance sitting on the side of the road a young boy with his little red wagon.. Tear streamed down his face as he sat there staring down at the broken wagon.. 

His Father had given him this wagon as a gift years ago, but now it sat there before him broken. He remembered the day he received the wagon and told it was made special for him.. It filled his heart with joy that day… He showed it to everyone with so much pride.. Its fire red colour and fine craftsmanship made some of the little children were jealous.

Now with a loving heart the little boy shared his wagon with all his friends and neighbour He did not brag or flaunt but freely share it..He helps out the elderly by carrying their groceries home in it, mothers by giving rides to their tired children. He freely shared his gift with everyone. One day the children that were filled with jealous tricked the little boy.

“Oh Tommy,” the leader of the group sweetly called out…

 “Yes” the little boy replied..
“Could we please play with your red wagon it is so wonderfully made. We just want to take it for a ride down the hill..” The leader spoke with hint malice in his eyes..
Now Tommy was very apprehensive to give his wagon to these children but they convinced that they just want to be friends and play together.. Tommy hand the handle of his wagon over to the leader. It was then that the leader’s facial expression change to one of pure malice and merciless.. He looked at Tommy and laugh….
“You think your Father is the greatest.. That He is the greatest craftsman that ever there is.. Well let see how good your Father is..” The leader hissed between his teeth, as he motioned for 4 of the other children to grab each wheel.. 

Tommy, who now had tears streaming down his face, sat there and watch as they ripped each wheel off his wagon and break the axles.. His heart broke and despair fell upon him.. His favour toy was broken the one his Father specially made for him.. What will his Father say? How will he ever face him again.

” Yeah let’s see what your Father can do now” together they mocked Tommy as they left laughing and patting each other on the back… Tommy sat by himself on the side of the road with tears in his eyes..

In the distance he heard his name being called he looked behind him and saw his Big Brother coming towards him.. Tommy’s first instinct was to hide what the children had done. He felt foolish by being tricked by these bullies, but he knew he could not hide anything from his Brother or Father. Tommy jumped to his feet and ran to his Big Brother and cried. “Oh Brother, they broke my wagon, Father is going to be so disappointed in me, I let them deceive me and tear my wagon apart.”
 He looked lovingly down upon Tommy and said “Our Father can fix it. Let’s take it to his workshop…”
 So His brother wiped away Tommy’s tears and placed Tommy on his shoulder, then picked up the broken wagon and carried Tommy home..

As they entered their Father’s workshop, Tommy’s stomach filled with butterflies. He was afraid of how his father would react, but his Big Brother set him down and squeezed his hand.. “Go ahead tell Father what had happen.”

With his eyes filled with tears he cried “Oh Father, I know you asked me to take special care of this gift you gave me and I am sorry I allowed myself to be deceived and they tore my wagon apart.”

The Father loving looked down on Tommy and said, “My son, I can fix that just leave it with me and soon you will have it back. Now go and play.”

Tommy heart jumped with joy when his father said he could fix it and left the workshop..

Now this greatest craftsman, picked up the wagon and inspected every inch of it.. He found little fractures in the body and paint chipping away.. He looked at his oldest son.. “Looks like I have to tear this down to the bare bones and rebuild it.. Although Tommy has taken very good care of it, time and this world have worn it down and had done some damage.”

The Big Brother left nodding his head and said “I know you Father and if it has to be rebuilt to make it stronger then you can do it”

The Father took the wagon apart piece by piece.. He worked on each piece individually, when he had finished with each piece, he took a break for some pieces need time to harden..

Outside Tommy sat patiently but thought to himself, it seems to be taking Father forever to fix my wagon.. Just then the group of children passed by.. “Oh I see your Father is not as great as you say.. Look you have no wagon.” They yelled and mocked him..

Tommy got upset and snuck into his Fathers workshop and there in pieces scattered all over the table was his wagon..

Oh what is Father doing? They are making fun of me, I know I will fix it myself.. So Tommy crawled up on the table and grab a hammer, some duct tape and some glue.. He looked at the pieces on the table and started to grab one and tried to attach it to another. If one piece did not fit he hammered it together and then taped it. The job became overwhelming for Tommy for he did not know where everything actually fit. He bent parts to make them fit. Soon he found himself glue and taped to some pieces..

Suddenly the door flew open and there was his Father and Big Brother looking at him with such loving eyes.. Tommy stated to cry “Oh Father I was so impatient with waiting for you to fix my wagon so I tried it myself but I made it worse.”

His Father bent down and whipped the tears from his eyes and said.. “You must remember my son, I have reasons why things take time to fix. Your wagon may have only looked like it need the wheels fixed but in fact there were hidden damages that you were not aware of that I had to fix.. That is why you found your wagon in pieces and each piece must be strong in itself before I could put it back together.”

Tommy looked up at his Father, “I am sorry Father” he cried and wrapped his little arms around his Father’s neck.. “Now I have broken it for good”
His Father looked down into his eyes and said nothing of mine is broken for good.. Be patient, it may take some time but you will have your wagon back stronger than before.”
Tommy smiled and kissed his Father on the cheek and left.

Five days had gone by and Tommy was still waiting patiently upon his father, when the group of children came back and started to mock him again.. “See your father is nothing can’t fix your wagon. He’s not the master craftsman you thought him to be..” They continued to heckle him..

Suddenly at the perfect time, the Workshop door open and there was Tommy’s Big Brother and Father with his wagon. Tommy could hardly recognize it. It was brighter and looks so much stronger then when he remembered.. He ran up to his Father and gave him the biggest hug a child could give and thanked him profusely as His Big Brother handed the wagon to him.

The group of children mouths dropped in awe, as they all wondered how that could be.. They could not believe the sight before them..

It was then that the group started to quarrel among themselves, some believed that Tommy’s Father is the greatest craftsman ever, while others cried it a trick it not true those things just never happen.. The group divided. Tommy’s Big Brother gathered up those his Father told him too. Soon they had little red wagons that the Greatest Craftsman personally made for each one. He made them his adopted children just as Tommy was…

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