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Creation— God’s Cathedral in the Morning

July 29, 2010

As the sun golden crown peeks over the horizon the birds begin to sing a song Pure Praise to the King for His loving care. As the feathered choir grows in strength, the rest of nature joins in. Sit quietly for a moment you can hear the sympathy of nature begin play a new melody to the Lord… Hear the tender sounds of the violin the grasshopper and crickets play along, deep in the distance can you the woodpecker creating the melodies beat… The Frogs are the baritones as they croak in the delight of the Lord… Now listen a little closer to the tree as a gentle breeze comes upon their arms reaching way up high as they wave their tambourine of leaves in pure delight.

Now look around you and see the beauty of creation adore Our King… The lilies stand tall and proud giving glory to the Lord for how He lovingly adorns each of them with such beauty. The field of Daisies’ lift up their bright yellow faces in Praise as the rose buds open up with burst of joy to thank the Lord for the past evening’s rain… The morning glories with such spender like sky-blue trumpet getting ready to announce the arrival Our KING’S.

The gentle breeze awakes the herbs in the fields and release their fragrance as incense brought before the Lord. Now look really close in to the deepest part of the garden, there hidden in her prayer closet a praying mantis lifting up intercessory prayers and true praises to Our Lord..

God’s Cathedral never closes; the doors are always wide open never to shut. Each moment of the day Nature takes time to glorify the One who LOVES them OUR HEAVENLY FATHER Creator of all, as should we……

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