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I Am A Child of God

August 27, 2010

I am a child of God…….
I wonder and marvel at His Creation and the beauty that is adorn before us….
I hear the angel’s harmony within the Song birds melodies…..
I see God’s loving hand in all that there is; through the sunny and stormy times…..
I want to go home to my Heavenly Father for that is the place my heart desires to be.
I am a daughter of the KING….

I am a Child of God….
I pretend not but always striving to be who He made me to be…

I feel His loving embrace every time I see a young child’s face
I touch those hearts who seek to find His love..
I worry for nothing for my Lord provides me with all….
I cry and morn for the world that grows cold, loveless and ugly..
I am a daughter of the King


I am a Child of God…..
I understand that only through the Love of Jesus is there true understanding….
I say what I mean for I speak from my heart…….
I dream of the day when this world is not falling apart……..
I try to be the best me I can be…….
I hope all things and have faith in Our Saviour for …..
I am a daughter of the King……..

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