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Rest Assure You are Deeply Rooted in Me

August 30, 2010

As I sat upon my bed praying and meditating upon the Lord and why we go through droughts..    Why Oh Lord are  there times when we do not  hear Your voice or feeling Your presence, we believe and have faith but sometime it seems like You are so far away as we thirst for You especially in days of our troubles.. 

Then this came upon my heart.  My Dearest Child the world makes it children weak but I make My Children strong.  I have not forsaken them nor abandon them instead I am strengthening their roots and pruning, making them secure to handle the stronger storms coming their way…  

Then He showed me two trees.   One was watered every day, never knew a drought in it day…  It leaves were lushes and full…  Branches stretched high into the sky.  It was a beautiful marvel to see such a tree with such beauty.  It looked so healthy and full of strength… 

Then He showed me the other tree…  It was watered and pampered only when it was needed so unlike the other.  It did not look as beautiful, or as full and luxurious.  . It carried some bear and dead branches but it had a character all of its own one different then the other as it stood tall with branches that reached for the sky.  Although it seems to me a little sad looking the tree itself had much life. ..Many animals took refuge in it and when the birds flew in, they filled it branches. There seem to be a certain joy that filled it life…

Lord please show me what the trees mean…   Then at that moment a strong storm came upon these trees and the wind was fierce enough to almost completely bend both trees over…  I was so worried for the sad looking one, I watched it as the wind bent and twisted it, I could hear breaking as dead and broken branches fell to the ground…  I watched it and fear that the tree was not strong enough to survive such fury…  Suddenly the windstorm stopped and a gentle rain came upon a tender breeze giving refreshment to the earth below…  

I looked upon that sad little tree and notices that the storm had pruned out the dead and weak branches as they lay beneath the tree…  Now it did not look as weak and feeble as before.  In fact it seems to be standing taller than before…  I pondered on the changes in the tree as the birds filled it branches once again. 

Then I heard upon my heart what about the other one.  What about the one that was pampered and given it every desire when it wanted… I looked over and there it was lying up rooted on the ground.   I was astonished.  How could a beautiful tree with such lustre and life be so lifeless and lost?

Then I heard.  The one that was watered and pampered everyday may have looked like it was strong and established but it roots were not set deep enough to hold it in place when the strong winds of diversity came.   It because the tree was watered everyday and pampered that it roots were only surface root  and had no need to search deeper for it nutritional needs. 

While the other all though was not always pampered receive what it need when it need it and it roots reach deep in the ground anchoring it, stabilizing it,  and giving it the support it need for the storms of it life.    So am I with my Children….

I give them exactly what they need when they need it and I pamper them with their hearts desire when the time is right.  On those day when it may seem I am not there seek for Me deeper  through Prayer, supplication and My word..  Seek My face in the smile of a stranger for there you will see Me in their eyes, seek My voice in the words of encouragement I send in the voice of your brothers and sisters, for they are like the birds that filled the tree with joy; seek My presence in those who share their love for you because there My arms are wrapped around you. 

When the storms of life come upon you and you feel you may fall, rest assure you  are deeply rooted in Me.   I will support you when the winds of diversity come upon you.  You shall not fall but the dead and weak wood will  be removed making room for new growth..

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