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The Kingdom Of God Is Here

September 10, 2010

If we abide in Jesus, Jesus abides in us we will Love unconditionally like Jesus..  Only if we abide in Him just as He and The Father abide in each other. 

 Now when we abide in Jesus it is through indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Here is where many stumble by not Letting go and Let God lead through His Holy Spirit. John 14 and15

I believe the problem may lay in that there is a lack of trust and true faith in God… God must be the centre of our lives not our lives the centre of God’s. He already made us the centre of His life when Jesus died to take away the penalty of sin and was buried to removed the curse of Death and Rose on the Third day to make us Children of God Heirs to the Kingdom..

Now it our turn we must put God first and be like little children. Become dependant on Jesus to lead us. It may be scary at first but when a sheep puts complete trust in the Good Shepherd then His soothing voice will give us the courage to continue on.

The evil one has used the world to teach us we must be in control and control everything we do every minute of our day.. We must know what we are doing from the time we get up to the time we go to bed. We must be in control of our time for our time is precious to us.. But the problem is time is short and we can feel it shortening upon us…

There must be a change in focus a reprogramming of the mind. The Focus must be on Jesus and the Love of Our Holy Father. Our hearts must be open to the Holy Spirit and our lives must be dedicated to God. Then will we see the Changes and the Holy Spirit presence will be upon us. Then Peace beyond Understanding will fill our hearts .. We must learn to be in one accord and let the Holy Spirit teach and convict each one of us….

Here is the Good News “The Kingdom of God is here!!!” Jesus brought it to us for He abides in the Father so if we abide in Jesus then we also abide in the Father. Then we are part of His Kingdom Mark 1 and Luke 17

There are two components to entering the Kingdom of God
1) Come unto Him like a Little Child.
Mark 10, Matthew 18 and Luke 18

2) Enter the Gates with Praise and Thanksgiving
Psalm 100

I hope this makes sense for it is hard for me to put what is upon my heart into words…. May the Spirit of the Lord continue to fill you with His Wisdom and Understanding.

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    Felt led to reshare this too day.. May the Lord bless you all with His Wisdom and Undersanding..

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