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Goats and the Sheep

October 17, 2010

  There are the goats and the sheep.. They both feed off the same food and land yet they both behave differently.. Where the goats are independent and are herded like cattle.. Sheep are dependent on their Shepherd and are lead when they listen to His voice.. They both have their similarities but it their differences that bring life or death.. For when the Good  Shepherd calls because danger is in the way the Sheep will move and the Goats will stay.. When the time comes to move to greener pastures the Goats will be left where they stand..

One thing we must remember and that is………. Nothing is impossible for Our Lord God, for He can change water to wine He can change a goat into a sheep.. So Pray for the Goats and One day some will become sheep..

Hope this makes sense  for it hard to write what is upon my heart..

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