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My Father’s Gifts

October 22, 2010

As the day started to dawn, Sam arose to a perfumery aroma and sleepily rolled herself out of bed. She could hear the sweet song of a canary at the bedroom window. She crept up to the window to ensure not frightened it away. Slowly she sat down at the window seat.

She peered out the window and could see a little golden yellow canary creating a nest in the large blue spruce.

“Oh to be a bird with no cares in the world” Sam sighed. The night before she came to a conclusion that has now negatively impacted the way the world looks to her.

She started to fall into the depths of despair — self –pity—-

“Why me? Oh GOD!! Why me. What have I done that been so wrong? Why do I always screw up? There is nothing I can do now. I am totally at fault. I have dishonored you!! I have lost my own mind. I have not done anything that will Glorify Your Name. I am a total loser.” she continually repeated.

With what seem like every inch of her power Sam threw herself back on the bed as she cried in a small muffled voice, “Oh Lord, why won’t you show me that you care. That you do love me.” she buried her head in to her pillow.

Then it felt like time had stopped to her. She could not hear the little bird. She lifted her head up and peered out the window. The little bird was there but it was not moving. Suddenly a brilliant light appeared in the corner of the room. She quickly swung around to see who had turned on her dresser lamp.

There in front of her was a person; she could not distinguish if it was a woman or man. She was in total awe of the brilliant white light that surround him. It lit up every corner of the room so no darkness could reside. She did not know what to say or do, when instantly peace reigns in her heart.

As she looked in to the Figure’s face, she saw these gentle eyes gazing back at her with total love. This was foreign to Sam had never seen an expression as pure in anyone’s eyes before. All she ever saw in others eyes were pain, anger, and hatred. Never in her life had she seen eyes so filled with love —Unconditional love—.

As she sat in wonderment and speechless on the bed. The Figure gracefully walked towards her. Lifting his hand to her face, she noticed a small bottle.

“I was sent to collect your tears for the Master.” He said to her heart. Sam did not see his lips move nor did she hear it with her ears.

“The Master? What is going on here? Am I going crazy” Sam meditated these questions in her heart.

“My Master is your Master. Did you not ask Him to show you that He cared?” The Figure again placed in her heart.

“Why are you collecting my tears?” Sam timidly asked.

“For the Lord records all your tears. His heart aches when one of His children is hurting. I am assigned by the Master to collect your tears. When he heard you crying out to Him, He requested me to appear to you.” He has a message for you.” The Figure spoke.

Sam sat in reverence the only thing she could do is Praise the Lord. And that is what God wanted from her.

“The Father created a sweet fragrant morning to wake you up. When He saw that you going to have a hard time getting out of bed he sent you a song of pure praise disguised as a little bird.” The figure joyfully proclaimed

“Oh no the gifts I were given to me I just over looked them as an everyday thing. Oh how could I be so unappreciated of My Father’s gifts to me?” Sam thought to herself as she fell to her knees

“Oh my Lord please forgive me, for being unappreciated, being selfish and not looking for Your hand in every aspect of my life.” She freely wept in to her hands.

The Figure lifted Sam back to her feet and collected the tears from her swollen red eyes.

“He has forgiven you. He just wants you to know that He loves you. He will never leave you and will always protect you from the evil one. You must look for His hand for He will always show you the Way. He will always open one door when another shuts. Just look for His hand it is always there even in the smallest things.” He declared.

Instantly the canary’s song began, Sam looked over her shoulder out the window to see the little bird moving again. She looked back but the figure was gone.

Sam fell on her knees and praised the Lord. “Lord Praise You for the gifts of the morning you gave me today. Praise You for giving us everlasting life through Your Son Jesus. For through His life we learned who You truly are, by His Death we are saved by His blood and covered by His righteousness. By His Resurrections we are made Your adopted Children so that I can come before you each and everyday as Your Child.

Thank You Lord Jesus for Your gift of life and the bridge You made for me to see Our Loving Father. Amen”

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