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The Master’s Tools

October 27, 2010

The autumn sun was rising upon the golden wheat just waiting for the mighty harvest. There in the distance is a small white tool shed. Quite a commotion started to abrupt inside as a debate grew into an argument.

 I am the greatest for I till the land so the seeds can be planted” The hand  plow said with such forces. If I did not till the land then the rocks and hard ground would never let those seed grow.”

“No I am the greatest, I am more important because with out me I there would be no harvest.” The seed planter spoke with  force of entitlement. If I did not plant the seeds then there would be no harvest”

 “Wait you are both wrong, no body can compare to me and with out me the harvest would be weak.” The hoe spoke arrogantly, “See if I did not remove the weeds then there harvest would have been smothered and died”

 “Oh wait a minute it is I who is the greatest and no one say any different. The hose said with such pride, “If I did not water the plants then the harvest would of withered under the hot summer sun.”

 Wait a minute, just wait a minute, come on you all have it wrong. I am the greatest among you all. The fertilizer spreader spoke up with such self righteousness. ” We all know if the plants are not fertilized then they will not grow, they will be stunted and the Harvest would be lost. ”

 The fertilizer spreader’s words caused the anger among the others and they all spoke at once yell “I am Greater then you”

 The Good Farmer heard the commotion and open the tool Shed.

“What is going on in here why are you not all in one accord” He spoke soft and lovingly.

Suddenly in unison the tools spoke “Master which of us is the greatest, Who did the most to bring help and grow this bountiful harvest.”

The Good Farmer shook His head and spoke lovely ” Oh why can you not see that each of you were a very important component in the growth of this harvest for with out each of you the harvest would not be ready. In my hands your purpose is fulfilled.

“You are all equally responsible for this harvest so why fight among yourselves when we should rejoicing for the Harvest is bountiful.”

Lord Please remind us always that in your Hands our purpose is fulfilled and that together with our differences the harvest is bountiful. Remind us to rejoice in the bountiful harvest and be of one accord in Jesus name I pray..

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  1. Sheila Voyles permalink
    April 15, 2011 7:52 am

    This is great.

    • April 15, 2011 9:24 am

      I have to give the Lord all the credit, for only through Him am I able to write what I do.. And as I write I am being taught as well.. I Praise the Lord that He has blessed you as you read it.. May the Spirit of the Lord fill you with His peace beyond Understand as He continues to teach you His way.. God bless you 🙂

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