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November 19, 2010

I am part of the Body of Christ as you are… As a body each part serves the other if not the body would not survive… Do not our hands, arms, together bring food to the body…? Do not the feet, and legs get the gospel out as the toes balance out the body… Does not the stomach breakdown food to nourish the rest of the body… Do not the veins and arteries allow the blood to flow to send the nourishment to each part of the body…? The lungs bring the need oxygen into the body… Yet there is only One part that control all parts and that is the Head (brain) and Jesus is the Head of this Body and the leader. The Holy Spirit is Nervous System, who sends the commands from the head to the proper body part…. we are the parts and are dependent on and to servitude of the other parts or the body cannot exist….

May we all recognize the body as a whole and each part within as we acknowledge  that only One can be the HEAD JESUS and wait for the Holy Spirit to send His commands to each of us according to our the part we are as we serve each other…

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