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True Fellowship In Unity Can Be Accomplished

December 30, 2010

My Dear Brothers and Sisters

I believe true fellowship and unity can be accomplished with people of differentiating Christian beliefs but there is one component that must be there and that is The Holy Spirit…

Then we come together in the Love of Christ to discuss and when a matter of differences come up we all go into prayer and supplication and ask for the Lord’s wisdom and understand in where the errors lie in the disagreement. To say we agree to disagree allows the disagreement to rise again to wreak discord again… When we disagree with one another we should say I agree there is a disagreement let us go before the Lord and seek His Wisdom and His understanding in this matter. Everyone should do this even those who are standing in Truth for it not only a good example as to how we are to proceed it also reminds us always seek the Lord for answers…

You will be surprised what the Holy Spirit will reveal when the fellowship is in one accord… I have seen where both sides were wrong. Hence after prayerful medication and supplication the Lord reveal the error in each one’s own belief and together they were truly taught/counseled by the Holy Spirit…

This is how my husband and I deal with many big disagreements and after 20 years together we have not had an argument… And both of us saw the errors of our own way and if the error was on the one person then just a peaceful heart would reign for the other. Then whoever was at error always come to the other apologizing…

What happens when discussions and fellowship turns into debates and arguments are that we are emotional creatures and tend to really be addicted to the negative ones. They fuel a raging inferno making us feel alive and we forget the peacefulness of going to prayer before speaking as we start to stumble and get snared in the darkness…

We are emotional creatures and we tend to let our emotions get the best of us, when we should be going to God in prayer.. We slide into the traps that the evil one has placed before us.. We lose ourselves to the flesh and walk according to how we think and believe instead allowing the Holy Spirit lead..

Debates and arguments only build walls of stubbornness that stops the Holy Spirit from working within all the lives involved.. From convicting the heart of everyone involved in the argument..

We must remember to first come together in love and unity of Christ then the Holy Spirit will purge the errors from each man’s belief as we come together to be taught by the Holy Spirit. Then we will be brought into the perfect relationship with Lord and each other..

We can avoid those traps that have been set up for us through prayer and humbling ourselves to God to allow us to be taught.. Because I believe that each and every one of us carries errors and we should realize that only the Holy Spirit can purge those errors otherwise we are leading unto our own understanding…

I hope this makes sense for it comes from my heart as I prayerfully wrote it.. Now it time for me to leave the group again for a short time as the Lord is calling me to minister to other areas on the Internet…

You all will be in my prayers.. God bless you all…

Lord please brings this family together in love and unity so that they may find that perfect relationship we so desire with you and our fellow brothers and sisters… In Jesus Name I pray Amen…

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