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Vision of The Two Sheep

February 15, 2011

Vision of the Two Sheep..

As I meditated on the Lord upon my bed, a most wondrous sight was placed before my eyes

There were two sheep walking down a narrow path as they ventured forth. Up ahead a dark presence placed a snare made of barbwire down upon this path hiding it among the train…

Now when the sheep came upon it they both got trapped. What the Lord showed me was the difference in how they handled the snare…

Now the first one, as soon as he was trapped continued to push forward until he became more entangled… Each step forward or backwards and even to the side, he seems to become more entangled and entwined… He would give little cries of pain as the barbwire bite past his wool and into his flesh yet He continued to struggle as the Lord showed me the other sheep…

The second one as soon as he walk into the snare, he came to a complete stop not even daring to go adventure in further for recognizing what was happening.. The next thing he did was give a big cry out. Then out of the sky came the hands of the Lord… He untangled the few piece of barbwire from the wool of this sheep. He held the little one for a few moments then placed him past the trap back upon the path..

Now my eyes went back to the first sheep and he seem to be struggling more and more within this snare as it tighten around him drawing pain and blood from his body… Finally the little sheep gave up… He gave out large cry as he fell to the ground…

Suddenly the hands of the Lord again came down and slowly untangled this hurt and injured sheep.. As He pulled each layer of barbwire from the little one, screams of pain and anguish fill his little voice… Once every part of the barbwire was removed, there left standing was a bloody, hurt, weak, tired was the little sheep… The Lord picked this little one up, enclosing him in His hands and raised him up to His chest… Which was way above the ground in the sky… He held this little one for sometime upon His chest… Then the Lord’s hand came down still clasping the little sheep in His hands…

He placed this little one past the snare that he was once caught up in and back upon the narrow path.. When the little sheep left His hands, He was full of energy, life and excitement… There were no scars, pains left upon his body….

This little one caught up to the second sheep and together they started walking down the narrow path again…

As I meditated upon what I had seen… It was placed on my heart that the barbwire represented the trap the evil one lays before our path… Including all forms of seductive worldly things to the negative emotions we tend to try to deal with on our own… Many times we try to handle things ourselves, think that we know how to get out of a certain situation or mood. Only entangling us further in to anger, hatred, depression, uncertainty, doubts, even lies (told to make ones home life easier) etc. until we cannot take the pain of it all and fall from not only the pain but also the weight of the snare.

The Good Shepherd is just waiting for His Sheep to call so He can release them from the traps and set them back on their path… Some are quick to recognize the trap and cry out to God immediately, but many continue trying their hardest to overcome the trap only to eventually be ensured so deeply that they fall in pain and despair…

Those who have recognized to cry out as soon as they find themselves in a snare are quickly released with little or no pain and anguish from the ordeal… Yet those who try to release themselves will become painfully entangled within the snare… Yet our Lord is faithful and when the sheep calls He will come to them release them and heal up their wounds and send them upon their path again…

It is our choice in how we handle the snares within our live… Call out the Lord immediately and be release and set back upon our path or we can try and squirm and try to force our own way out only creating more pain and anguish before we call upon the Lord. Yet He is faithful and when we call even if we have fallen hard and are tightly entangled in the snare, our Lord will release us and heal us then set us back upon the path…

Since I dislike pain, I will always try to be like the 2nd sheep that cries out as soon as the I come upon a snare… How about you?

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