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God Wants To Heal Your Marriage, Will You Let Him

April 11, 2011

Dearest Brothers and Sisters…

After much prayer and supplication the Lord has placed something upon my heart I would like to share with you..

Oh my dearest brothers and sisters.. The evil one is roaring like a lion through many marriages as he tries to devour  what the Lord has brought together.   The evil one has made many of you believe that there is a power within your relationship that you must have control of..  Oh my dearest this power does not exist for us to have..  The power the evil one is tempting many of you with,  he has not the right to offer for that power belongs to God and God alone..   It is the fight for this power that is destroying your marriage..

You know deep down in your hearts that the Lord placed you two together, Husbands you know your wife has your rib and was specially fastened and designed for you by the Lord..  Wives you know your rib came from the man you married and Lord designed you both.. You remember that moment that the Lord assured you this was the man..  Yes your marriage is unequally yoked now my dearest brothers and sisters..  Yet the Lord wants you to know why..

Your marriage is unequally yoked because the Lord is not the centre of your marriage..  Oh how He desires  to be so much the centre of you lives as individuals but most importantly as a couple..   There is a form of pride and anger that sits in your lives..  Summit completely to the Lord not just as individuals but as  a couple brought together  by the Lord and are now one flesh..   There needs to be a total submission to the Lord in your lives..  Become like little children and let the Lord be the Head of You House not just in words but in deeds as well..    Pray together, read the bible together, learn to spend time together with the Lord..   He so want your marriage and your family to be healed.. He sees how this is not only affecting your lives but how it is affecting your children’s..

Oh how His heart grieves when He see how each of you blame the other for the faults in the marriage..Oh How the Lord wants so much for you to stop playing the blame game and seek His council.. Seek His wisdom as to how He can help you in your marriage..  Have you ever wondered what would have happen if Adam and Eve did not play the blame game and taken responsibility for their own actions..

The evil one is trying hard to destroy marriages not only because it is a sacred bond between husband and wife in front of Our Heavenly Father..  Oh that is one of the main reasons but the other is to stop the Gospel from being spread..  From husbands and wives walking out together in faith and spreading the Good News..  Our Lord  Jesus sent Disciples out in pairs to spread the good news.. Now many believe He only sent men out in pairs yet my heart  tells me something different ..  Married couples were sent out as couples  Man and woman..  Each bearing the other weakness with their strengths..  The Lord gave us a great example of how His married children are to work together as partners in spreading His love..  Please take a moment to read Act 18  and pay attention to Priscilla and Aquila.  This couple is a prime example of how the Lord wants His married children to minister to the lost, confused and deceived but we cannot do that if the evil one is deceiving us in our own marriages..

How can we invite someone into our home and share the Good News of the Lord if He does not reside in our marriages..  How can we speak to others of God’s love when we will not let it heal our own marriages.. How can we expect our children to grow in the strength of the Lord if we rely on our own strengths to get through our marriages..  How can we teach our Children not to give up on God when we have giving up on the union that He created..  Do not let the evil one steal your love and joy from your marriage.. Just as we abide in Jesus He will abide in us so is it with our marriages.. They must sole belong to the Lord to be of services to Him.  And seek how we are to meet the needs of our spouse not how our spouse is to meet our needs..

The evil one is trying right now to destroy your marriage and he is using many means and methods yet the Lord has set up provisions for these attacks you must seek His wisdom for  your marriage will only overcome these attacks through Christ.. A United front together firmly standing on Our Solid Rock JESUS..

The evil one is using your own weakness against you.. He is using the flesh to bite hard upon you so that you will react out of flesh as he laugh hard on the side lines delighting in the way the argument abrupt..  And how your anger is like a fishing line cast deep into the water to hook a  past hurt or mistake the other made to throw in their face.. Ones you forgiven them for long ago..  Remember it is the enemy’s way to make one accuse another of their faults and past mistakes..  Yet we are called to forgive each other as God has forgiven us.. Well the Lord I know does not bring to remembrance the mistakes and sins I have been forgiven for.. No He throws them in the deepest ocean..   And that is what we are to do with the past hurts and mistakes that our spouses have made because we have made just as many Instead of harbouring it for future moments give it to the Lord to throw in the furthest and deepest ocean never to be brought to remembrance again..  When the evil one tries to tempt you with past events and the negative emotions as he tempts your flesh to bite, stop everything do not say a word to another person and stop and pray..  Call out to the Lord that minute..  Both of you come together in prayer and put on praise music  and sing together before the Lord..  Scare the evil one out of your relationship by showing him that no matter what the Lord is first in your relationship..

Each of you must submit to the Lord, give Him every inch of yourself, do not restrain any part of yourselves..  I will guarantee  once the Lord is fully in control of your lives and your marriage, there will be a great change in your lives..  For the Lord will guide you together as one flesh to what He has planned for the two of you together.  The Lord does not want us to argue with each other..  I know many say it strengthen their relationship but that is a lie the evil one is spreading for it is what will fuel the strife in marriages and slow  our walk and relationship with the Lord.. For it like an ice storm on a young tree.. The tree may survive but it growth will be stunted for many years.. So is anger and arguments in relationships..

If the Lord is always first in your relationship and you seek his council before you speak all times then there is no argument with in a marriage.. And you still learn about each other without hurt feeling and words that can never be taken back..  For the Lord’s council is wise and true.. He will reveal more about yourself and how you are perceived and how much your spouse loves you.. He will show you where there is no need to argue for the matter is not of importance..

The Lord will bring peace to your heart.. The thing is we must train our minds to recognize when a discussion is becoming heated or anger is starting to bite at our flesh… And stop, turn to the Lord in prayer either by ourselves or together as a couple.. We totally submit ourselves to the Lord and He will speak to each of one’s hearts removing the anger and pain..

The one thing about argument is they always have a tendency to make one say something they will regret.  or later will not remember the hurtful words said.. Also the past word, fights and hurts come creeping forward..

I am compelled to share with you how the Lord works in my marriage..My husband and I have been married for 20 years, we have had disagreement yet we never left it as a disagreement or allowed it to heat up into an argument we have always take everything to the Lord and ask Him to council our hearts..

Now we have been through more trial then most in our relationship and have been together 24/7 for almost 12-15 years.. As my husband is needs me as a caretaker. Now these times can be the most stressful and has more opportunities for one to fall into the pits of arguments.. Yet we always go to the Lord and our hearts are refreshed and filled with not only total love and understanding for the other but also a peace about everything..

Another thing that is hard upon my heart to share with you is to seek wise council from the Lord for the worldly council out there does not see God’s Perspective on your marriage..  Human counselling is corrupt and bias for the councillor bases their conclusion on how they perceive your marriage to be.. Yet there are only three perspectives and only one of them matters…

There is your  perspective, your spouse’s  perspective yet the only one that truly matters is the third God’s perspective for that is the true perspective..     Our perspectives are corrupt and bias based on our own thought, emotions and experiences..  God perspective is full for He knows the hurts, He knows the past, He knows the present, He knows your future, but most importantly He is the only one that knows your Spouses heart..   He will council you in pure council, filled with  His love as He  heals your marriage from the inside out..

The Lord so want you to stop going to friends and family to vent your frustrations of your marriage too but to come to Him… He want you to vent to him the anger and frustrations the fleshly desires to argue and take control bite hard upon you.. HE WANTS TO BE THE PARENT YOU TURN TO.. He want you both to turn to Him and vent, scream shout cry, wave your fist about what is happening with Him, then when it has been released to the Lord he want you to sit still and quiet as He councils your heart..

Please do not label each other and let no man/women label you or your spouse in any means for once a label is put on it is hard to remove and that label will make one adhere more to their pasts..  There is only one label the Lord has for you all and even those that are single..  “Hurting Children wanting to be healed”  Well the Healing for your marriage exists but there is only one way that healing can begin and that is to totally submit everything to the Lord and do not take it back.. Leave it all in His hands..  Submit yourselves first then come together as husband and wife one flesh and submit your marriage together to the Lord.. He just been waiting for you to do that so He can heal  your  family and make it whole In HIM..

I hope this makes sense for it hard to write what is upon my heart but this has been weighing hard upon my heart for a few days and the Holy Spirit is calling out to the Children of the Lord bring your marriage to He who Know more about you than anyone else..   He waiting  for you both to place your marriage before Him and not take it back.. Leave it and have full trust and faith He is and will heal it.. Do not give into the evil ones deception that  marriage will not work, listen to the Lord you are One in Flesh together, not to be separated, but to totally surrender to Him..

May the Spirit of the Lord fill your hearts and homes with His love, joy, forgiveness and Peace beyond understanding..  God bless you my dear brothers and sisters.  Now please take a moment a pray about what was said here,  seek the Lord’s wisdom for your marriage and final come together as one flesh and bring all your marital matters before the Lord as you both seek  His pure and uncorrupted council…

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  1. Solomon permalink
    March 24, 2013 12:47 am

    I was so blessed by this article, the Lord led me here to read it as my wife and I have been going through trial… I am receiving new hope and joy from the Lord after reading this 🙂 Thank you Jesus!

    • March 24, 2013 10:07 am

      Praise the Lord Praise the Lord.. Thank you Jesus..Praise you Father.. For leading Solomon to what they need to hear.. I will keep you both in my prayers.. May the Spirit of the Lord fill your hearts and home with His Love, Everlasting Joy and His Peace beyond Understanding.. God Bless you Solomon and your Wife..

  2. April 12, 2013 5:30 am

    I too have been crying out to God to remove the blockages that have been showing up in my relationship. This post was a truly timely reminder for me to come across. I have copied it and will show it to my husband. Thank you for sharing this encouraging post. Many blessings to you!

    • April 12, 2013 8:46 pm

      Praise the Lord Water Bearer, Our God’s Timing is impeccable. I am so glad He led you to this, all Glory and Honour are our Lord’s for this encouraging post was guided by His love for His Children.. I will continue in prayer for you and your Husband.. God bless you my sweet sister..

  3. Ann permalink
    February 23, 2014 12:28 am

    Please pray that God will cancel the divorce dated in March 2014 and save my marriage. Thank you

    • February 23, 2014 9:34 am

      Our Prayers going up. May the Lord bless you with your hearts desire. May His Will be done in your life and your marriage. May His Spirit guide you with His wisdom and understanding as what He desires you to do in helping save your marriage.

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