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Proverbs 27 Iron Sharpens Iron…

May 2, 2011
As iron sharpens iron, So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend. Proverbs 27

This piece is frequently missed used to justify the reason for arguments or strong emotional discussion.. When you see this verse you always see two swords clashing against each other. But after prayerful consideration the Lord showed me how this is so wrong..

When two swords clash together they dent, chip and dull each other that is why the Knights would have to sit down together after a strong battle to sharpen the swords with Iron files and grinding stone then polish their swords as they talk about How Wonderful their King is and How they would follow Him everywhere..

So is it to be with us. It is when we come together in fellowship through His Word and love. It is through edification that our Swords are sharpen, thus strengthening Our spirit and gets us prepared for battle….

May we sharpen our swords and prepare for battle as the warriors of old have done, Let us not dull our swords by bickering and disagreements let us come together and share in His love as we Seek to sharpen our sword through the Word of God taught by the Holy Spirit..

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