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Our Walk

May 4, 2011

During our Walk the Lord will place many people in our lives.. Each one we will love dearly.. Some will have long lasting connections because of the walk they have together, others will be in our lives a short moment to help carry their burdens, help mend their wounds as well as to guide, teach and correct..

Then there will be times when we may become a stumbling block for one another because of the Journey the Lord has for each is different then the other.. It’s our desire to always be together that can lead to strife when one must separate for awhile.. It not a personal emotional response to step back but a prayerful considered decision so that one or more do not stumble upon and down their path..

For if a nurse follows the warrior on to the field because the flesh will not let one release from the other, the nurse will stumble, fall and be killed or the warrior will feel the need to protect them and not be prepared for the attack that are come on them…

So is it with God’s army.. There are times that the encourager must let go for a bit so the the Warriors can go out to battle.. It not because they do not care but because they can not one follow them into battle for when an encourage goes upon the battle field the words that will be spoken will crush their heart as it keeps them from fulfilling their purpose and stunt their growth..

It when we do not go to the Lord in prayer, but hold on to desire or belief that we should never part that will lead to the drama and strife that will bleed into the rest of the body. So when it come to a time that the flesh seem to wants you to hold on tighter then you should remember that if you love something sometimes you must let it go so they came take fight and do what they called to do

There will come a time that one does not seem to be as close as they use to be with you, It’s then we should all go to our knees and seek the Lord in prayer and seek His wisdom thus sometimes having to let the other go knowing God is in control.. As we are to look forward to the day that our paths will cross again so as we can sit down and share the marvels and wonders each of us had with the Lord upon our Journey…

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