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The Blame Game..

May 7, 2011
OH how many of us fall into this trap, when situations arise it always easy to see another’s parts or responsibility for the situation but many times we refuse to see our responsibility.. For our fleshly desire is not to admit what we have or are doing wrong in a situation but to point out where the other has faultier….. We seem to have a need to point out where they messed up and do not realize our action and reactions many times fuel the situation as well.. Blame has been around since the Adam and Eve’s sin of disobedience..

Instead of coming forth and confessing they had done wrong and ate from the tree of Knowledge, they choose to shift the blame.. Adam blamed Eve.. Where he could of easily said.. “Oh Father, I have sinned against you and yes I did eat from the Fruit, I should of not let temptation set in when I was asked to take a bite. I am sorry please forgive me” Yet instead to try to preserve himself from punishment or to feel guilt he shifted the blame to Eve..

Now instead of taking Responsibility for her actions she choose to shift the blame.. She could of easily stated.. “Oh Father, I know that I have sinned against you and disobeyed your command, I was weak and when I was tempted by the serpent, I fell to his deceptive words even though I knew they were wrong and should not of listen.. I am sorry please forgive me” Yet like Adam to preserve herself from punishment and guilt she sifted the blame to the evil one..

One thing was God knew all that was done.. He knew who was responsible for what and He gave both Adam and Eve a chance to take responsibility for their sin, to repent and ask for forgiveness.. Yet they choose not to yet shift it to another..

I have always pondered what would of happen if Adam and Eve would of taken Responsibility for what they have done.. How different the world would be?

So when we come into as situation that blame is going be passed around do not fall into that trap.. Instead take responsibility for your part (actions) repent of it, seek forgiveness and walk away from the matter.. Leave all others to accept responsibility for their own actions. Do not fall into temptation to point out where they went wrong, even after you have taken your responsibility for it will/may cause a stumbling of offense in the others as they become defensive and react in the flesh..

I hope this makes sense for it hard for me to write what is upon my heart..


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