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The Hidden Addiction of Mankind..

May 11, 2011

We all have heard how hard it is to recover from addictions..  We hear of the physical additions that this world has to offer but we must not forget the addictions that we are born with.. This addiction attacks and inhibits many of God’s Children..  They are not new in fact they stem back to the fall of man..  These additions we all can be overcome by but through Christ we can and will overcome them..  These additions are glorified and honoured by the men of the world, but abhorred in the eyes of God..  From the time we are children the world makes one become addicted..   The addictions do not have a need for money or trade it free for all who want to entertain it’s desiring ways.   All it needs is a willing mind and spirit..  oh and how it fuels one’s body with adrenaline thus the flesh bites and does not release it.  These addictions may not bring upon physical death but it for sure will bring conflict and grief in one’s life and lead them to eternal death..  Oh what could be so additive to men, that we may not even see it within ourselves?    They are called emotions and the negative ones are flesh craves and the world endorsed.    

The negative ones are as powerful as a tidal wave as they pump our body full of adrenaline fuelling our desire to want more of it..   They make your flesh feel alive especially Anger and Hatred fuelling our sense pride and self preservation….  Now peace and love is like a babbling brook, just flowing as it meant to be, not worried about oneself, but for others needs.  They bring joy and assurance to ones heart..  The one thing is there is only One way we will ever overcome these negative feelings and  be refilled with the peace of God..   Like a recovering Drug addict or alcoholic need to call their sponsor to help to overcome..  We must call upon Our Greatest Sponsor, Our saviour Jesus and through His strength we will overcome..  The thing is it is your choice to either succumb to these feeling or call upon Jesus as soon as you feel the desire to entertain these emotions and the lies that fuel them…..

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