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Righteous Judgment

May 20, 2011

For I can not make a Righteous Judgment unless the Spirit speaks and not myself.

That is what I believe the scripture means about “The spiritual man makes judgments about all things, but he himself is not subject to any man’s judgment”

For everyone of us continue to sin even if it is in small ways (thoughts deeds and Pride)

So Judgment comes from the Holy Spirit and that is why “he himself is not subject to any man’s judgment” For it will be someone else in Spirit that will Judge him if it is needed thus the Spirit is doing the Judging

I find many judge with Human judgment and not by the Spirit. For it is the Spirit that Knows ones heart

I believe actions are all that we can Judge for God is the one to judge our hearts. But if we judge ones actions with our human side then we may/will error in our judgment for there may be an unknown underline reason (hurt, anger, fear etc) for the sin that must be addressed first.

If we verbalize our human judgment it may hurt the Spiritual growth of that person. (Consider us Hypocrite and leave the faith)

But If we walk in the Spirit and the Spirit uses us to Judge then the Judgment will be done out of Pure Love and the words will be righteous and kind as the Spirit will know any underline cause for the sin. The Holy Spirit will make Himself known to the person and then one will see spiritual Growth.

I find it does not matter how many years one has under their belt it is how close they are walking with the Lord.

Some that are Born again do become stagnant and trapped with in their own sinful nature and their hearts are hardened to the Spirit’s requests.

But when one is guided by the Spirit the sinful nature will disappears one sin at a time.

The closer you walk with the Lord in Spirit the more you will find thing of this world distasteful and will be able to discern between that which is good for ones soul and that which is evil. Then it becomes” I do not want to” instead of “I shouldn’t.”

To know ourselves and what would lead us astray and walk accordingly we must walk the in Spirit for the evil one will use every small things to divert our eyes, and minds from God and Jesus so sometimes the questionable content can reek havoc on ones soul.

When someone asks me if they should or shouldn’t watch this type of show or read this book etc. I know it is the Spirit convicting them one way or another, they are just unsure for themselves. I ask them “What is God/Spirit saying or leading you to do?” and if the answer is I don’t know, then I suggest we pray to God about it.

I love your personal rule. That is a great way to get started… Mine is “Would Jesus sit down and watch this with me?”

Mind you I am far from perfect and do stray and have gone against the Spirit. (We are all sinners). I know how much it bothers my soul later. Another way the Spirit convicts me.

God does not want us to come to Him in fear (scared of going to hell) but in Love and to Fear in Love to me mean afraid of disappointing or hurting Him exactly like you would be with someone you love.

Still we all have freewill and I would not force what I perceive to be something I wouldn’t do as something one shouldn’t do.

Instead I pray for those who may be influenced that the Spirit show them the way and protect them from any negative influence that the evil one was preparing for them.

I hope this makes sense for I have a hard time with writing out my thoughts.

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