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May 27, 2011

Many time on our walk we will disappoint the ones we love or be disappointed..  It not because we mean to, or  want to be… Yet when you walk  with  Jesus there is only one thing to realize, is that when we follow Our Lord and Saviour He will lead us where He wants us to go…. Sometime in the one’s we love eyes it may seem like a disappointment or may hurt them… Why……….  It because we all fail , not in disappointing one another but seeking the Lord for Understanding in a situation..  We all make mistakes because we all perceive thing in a different way because our past experience, emotions and because of the position we are in the Body..   We sometimes make the mistake of assuming something should be one way just because that the way the Lord placed it on our heart to do it and this leads to disappointment…. Sometime we do thing we think we are to do and say  something when we are  not suppose to… This can lead to hurt and disappointment because we perceive something in a way we should not have…

How do we overcome disappointment?  From being disappointed and disappointing someone else.. The same way we are to overcome Through Jesus….   

He is the head of the Body and we must always seek His Wisdom and understanding.. So the first thing we must do if have the feeling of disappointment is seek the Lord and see where we may have failed in our perspective and understanding.. And if we feel we have disappointed someone Seek the Lord for He will show you if you have Perceived something in the wrong way… 

As part of the Body of Christ, The Family of God, Brothers and Sisters, Friends  there will always come a time when we will be hurt and disappointed as well as will hurt and disappoint each other..  Yet that is part of being a family in this corrupt world and there is one way and only One WAY to overcome and that is Through Jesus and remember that one day you will be disappointed or will disappoint someone it part of this flesh part of this world with our limited understanding, that is why  we are called to forgive, not to become offended easily and to bring all matter before the Lord.. 

For there is only One we should worry about disappointing and that is Our Lord..  For  me  that is Fear of the Lord and there will always come a time when what we may be called to do something that  will disappoint another but remember it through our Love and Faith for each other to understand that each have their walk with the Lord.  For each of us have our own ministry and must listen and obey the Lord as He call each of us to do..

I really hope this makes sense for I am having a hard time expressing what is upon my heart..

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