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The Hidden Snare with In the Body of Christ

September 20, 2011

My Dear Brothers and Sisters



There has been something hard upon my heart for several months… My heart grieves each and every time the Lord brings it to my attention that some of His Children are following into a unknown snare, I almost fell into this snare a few times but Praise The Lord for showing me the error of this way before I slipped..

With the ease of technology we have access to more inspiring and encouraging words that the Lord has place on other’s hearts, from Blogs, devotional and prayers that really speak to us… With good intentions we want to share these words with others so we copy and paste them but many are not giving credit to the person who heart it came from thus the reader believes that it something the Lord placed on the person who posted heart… This creates a lie a form of deception even unintentionally yet when we allow one to assume something then we are perpetrating a deception… This allows a foot hold for the evil one into our lives… Now we may not see how this can harm someone or ourselves because the words came from the Lord and it is to be share with others… Yet scripture warns us not to do this… As we can see in Jeremiah 23:30

“Therefore behold, I am against the prophets,” says the LORD, “who steal My words everyone from his neighbour”.

When we post, blog, copy and paste these quotes, inspirational Devotional, notes, or blogs without recognition to the original poster then we are stealing our neighbour’s words. Now one may say but what if I do not know whose it is or it is anonymous, then one must still cite that the originating post is unknown…

You may ask why because many good and well intentioned Christians are doing it? Yet in God’s eyes this is stealing His word from another and in turn creating the deception that the Lord placed it on our hearts…

This will give the reader the perception that we were given words of wisdom or that the Lord bless us with understanding, knowledge or passion which is not ours..

We are called to be diligently being honest and have the integrity to speak the truth… That means to acknowledge when the Lord leads us to something that inspires our hearts, soul and mind and cite who, or where we received these words. If we do not, we portray ourselves in a light that is not true to who He made us to be thus could hinder our ministry when the truth is revealed. Thus tainting our reputation yet we are called to fear God and maintain a good reputation… For if we are not diligent to be honest in all areas of our ministry and allow ourselves to be seen spiritual position that we are not entitled to, we place on a mask of deception on our ministry… And we know that all lie will eventually be found out but what if it is one you have been witnessing to a non-believer or new believer how will that stumble them in their walk. For then come to the realization that the person that they were receiving guidance from was not the one who truly received wisdom from God… We are called not to be stumbling blocks for one another and this could/will/ would be either to the person we are ministering too or the ministry set before us…

For example a true prayer warrior who post a teaching may be seen by others as having the position of pastor/teacher, thus the readers seek help in understanding from this person will in turn either receive no help or human understanding.. For it was not the calling of the prayer warrior to minister in that capacity…

Now many say what harm is there in this practice many good Christians do this, the harm is it is a lie and when we allow deception to enter into our live even in the smallest area we can/will be lead to many falls as well as strife when one is found out.. When we do not giving credit to the heart that wrote the piece we will eventually fall in other areas in our lives and this mask of deception become a norm for us for we will not want another to think that we are not as spiritual as they first perceived us to be when we were posting/blogging the words we stole.. This will also open the door for more sin to enter our lives as we see that the words we share bring many comments, Amen and likes, then pride slithers in as we start to receive sense of self gratification for the post…. This will lead many to seek out more things that will bring others to our wall, post, notes etc fuelling the spirit of pride within us


Again one may say well what harm is it many do this? My Question for you would be… Are we sheep who follow the Good Shepherd leading us to green pastures, or are we lemmings who follow others off the cliff and to ones death… Remember we are to follow the narrow path so if the majority are doing it, it does not make it right, and it just makes it popular…


So the next time you read a post or prayer that touches your heart and want to share it just take that one moment to cite who or where you got it, for in honesty The Lord will be truly Glorified and you will grow in His grace and love as He blesses you and others…


I hope this makes sense for it is hard to write what is upon my heart. May The Spirit of the Lord fill you all with His wisdom and understanding in this matter…

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