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Are We Honouring Our Lord with Our Hearts and Minds?

October 2, 2011

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ…

I come with a great burden upon my heart, as many are getting caught up in a snare that may lead them down a hard and dark path one the Lord does not want us to take.. Many are unaware of what they are doing for the world has slowly made it acceptable in one’s eyes..

We are called to be like little children to have faith like little children so we are to enjoy our lives and the beauty of creation as a child but in there are some have gone too far.. They are taking Our Holy Wonderful Heavenly Father, Our Abba and His Son, Our Saviour Jesus’ name and making them common in our playful jesters.. When we do that we take away the reverence and Holiness from God’s Name.. I have heard many say we are not to be so serious and I do believe that to be true but we are to revere Our Heavenly Father and His Son our Saviour. When we use Their Name in our banters back and forth in fun we are just like the world when they use God’s name in vain.. Scripture calls not to be like the heathens.

Many may not see the harm this is causing but my heart grieves worse then it grieves when I hear non believers use the Our Lord’s name in vain because His children should know better.. We see all through scripture from the Laws to the Prophets from Jesus to the Apostles that Our God, Our heavenly Father should always be revered as should His Name. When we speak His Name it should bring Him Honour and Glory not laugher.. Scripture is clear that we are going to be held accountable for every word we say this includes the way we use Our Lord’s name.. (Matthew 12:36-37)

Before we speak, post or write we should bring all our thoughts captive to the Lord.. And when we use Our Lord’s name we must make sure it always brings Honour and Glory to Him..

So how does our playful jester or jokes that uses God’s name bring Him Honour and Glory, is that not what we are called to do. For example how is it when we say “I am going to tell Abba on you” as a playful joke/banter back and forth bring Him Honour.. If we allow these actions into our hearts then we allow the evil ones way of mocking God into our hearts and then we will over look other things little by little..

Remember the First commandment “You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.”

If we Love the Lord with all our hearts and minds then we will honour and revere His Holy Wonderful Name for His Name is above all name and is worthy to be Praise and Glorified, so the next time you see a joke prayerful bring it to the Lord and ask Him does this honour you or bring you Glory or the next time you are having a fun banter with others and you want to bring the Name of Our Lord in to the your playful jester stop for a moment and capture that thought bring it to the Lord and ask Him Will this bring you Glory and honour or am I disrespecting you and Your Holiness..

I hope this makes sense for it is hard for me to write what is upon my heart, I ask each one who reads this take this to the Lord in prayer and seek His wisdom upon this matter.. May the Spirit of the Lord fill you all with His wisdom and understanding.. ❤ ❤


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