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What Are You Spiritually Eating?

October 2, 2011

There has been something placed hard on my heart to share with the Body of Christ.. Some of you will not like what you read for it will make you look at something you have understood to be liked, read and endorsed by many. So I ask now before you read this that you pray for Lord’s wisdom and understanding and His council…

Over the years many of us have become health conscious of what we are eating.. We seek as much of God’s natural produce (organic and healthy foods) as possible.. We have seen how man has added poisons into the food especially the fast food and quick foods.. We have seen how for convenience our food source has become polluted, mutated and genetically altered as well as being filled with antibiotics and preservatives  are creating havoc on our physical bodies as disease and new health problems arise… So many of us have been diligent in what we eat and purchase as to not pollute our bodies with the poisons of this world. For as the bible states our Bodies are the temples of the Lord..

Yet are we being as diligent in what we take in spiritually into our souls. Are we aware of the poisons that have been sneaking in the Body of Christ.. His Bride creating havoc on the souls of many and leading them in a snare of deception.. Are we aware of the changes taking place in THE WORD of GOD.. The adding of fillers and genetically altering of His Word to gain popularity so many are converted yet is truly just a slow kill those who read it.. Hiding words and using phrases that come straight from the satanic bible and replacing God’s Word… Rewriting the Word of God so it is more attractive to the world to read and making it easy to eat for there is no need of forethought or meditation because the meat of the word is ground up for you to eat. It is what has been add into the His Word and what has been removed to make it more easy to digest that is the problem many are not aware of.. The slight poisons and leaven of the evil one to snare and deceive God’s Children..

Just like Fast Food restaurants are popular so is this version of the Word of God,  It removes the power of the Holy Spirit and lessen the Lord’s Spirit to the wind.. Phrases from the satanic bible and new age religion (which it really the old and known as witchcraft) are strategically inserted by the evil one replacing very important parts of God’s Word.. As many devour this version, it slowly slips the poison of the evil one and the leaven of man into one’s heart.. It opens the door to deception as it creates cancer within the Body of Christ.. Allowing many to accept this as God’s Holy Word..

Now right off the bat right there in front of us all the name of this paraphrase bible says it all it takes away the word “Good News” which is the Gospel of Christ. That which impacts one Heart and Soul and uses the term that many soothsayers speak that they receive.. “message” which can be good or bad.. Yes what the Lord has shown me danger of this book “The Message” version and has placed upon my heart to stay my distance from it.  Now as it gains more popularity with in the Body of Christ He has place it on my heart to warn His children of the food that is being set before them to eat..

For many lies hide within it covers the leaven from the father of lies.. Although it does seem to make much of the Word of God easier to read, it what is hidden that our soul intakes that is dangerous.. I know many will say that “high and well respected man and women of God endorse this bible and quote from it regularly”.. My question for you is it endorsed by the Holy Spirit?. Does God want you to feast on this version? ‘I have heard but it reads like a novel”? I ask you is not the Word of God a text book for us when has any text book been easy to read like a novel?  The Word of God is for teaching and reproof. To guide us, give us instruction and wisdom, not as the world gives but God’s incorruptible perfect wisdom and many times it not easy to receive the conviction as many want it to be…

It time that we come to seek the Lord what is good for us to eat and not seek what is popular and liked by the majority.. The Good Shepherd is waiting for you to seek His voice and understanding Of God’s Word not the regurgitated words of one who is being deceived himself. I do not condemn anyone not the writer nor that endorse this version or anyone that is reading it.. I am praying for them all for deception has a grip upon their souls.

What this is, is a warning for all and plea for all to seek the Lord prayerfully and diligently.. Seek the truth about this version this paraphrased bible for to me the message  is clear.  Each morsel devoured opens the door to the soul a form of deception disguise as something good to eat.. Making it appeasing to many but not bring them into the fullness of Christ through The Word of God as now His Word is no long Pure and Holy. Thus it cannot fully convicts one soul and give them the full understanding and Wisdom of God..

If we do not prayerful seek Him as to what is truly good for us to Spiritually feast on then we are like a frog sitting in a pot of water placed on a burner to boil, we will not notice the change until it is too late for we become dead to the lead of the Holy Spirit.. For you see frog cannot feel the changing of the water temperature rises and the pot comes to a boil it dies.. We must always seek the Lord in everything we intake in to our hearts from the newer bible versions, books that are to help us on our walk, TV programs and movies, Music and video.. For Satan and his dominion masquerade as angels of light to try to deceive all even the elect yet if we always seek God’s Wisdom, understanding, then and only then will the masquerading angel be revealed as the darkness death he truly while he tries to hid and blend in with God’s children through those who are being deceived..

PLEASE I be seek all of you please pray and seek the Lord ask Him to show you the deception that is hidden in THE MESSAGE BIBLE” and be still and listen let Him lead you to His Truth and Understanding you will be amazed at what He will shows you is hidden within the pages of this book..

Lord May Your Spirit open the eyes of those seeking the Truth and may those who hearts are being convicted to speak forth and defend Your Word receive Your Boldness in Spirit so that none of Your Children are loss and that the Body of Christ be filled with Your Holy Spirit as we are truly in one accord with You so that Your Blessings may bestowed upon Your Bride purifying her for the Your Coming.. Her Groom The King of kings Lord of lords Our Saviour Jesus the Christ… Amen..

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