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God is In Control And His Timing is Impeccable

October 22, 2011

I have full faith and believe with all my heart that I know with every inch of my being that Our Lord has everything under control..  We many not recieve the answer to prayer as we believe we should but Our dreams and desires are not always what is best for us and others..

We may not understand the reasons for situations or why someone has/had to suffer yet we must suffer many things in many ways  for our faith.. These are our trial and tribulations some greater than others but all to build ones Faith in God as we submit our Lives solely for Him…

We may not at this moment understand why the Lord want us to do something; we may not even see the results we think we should yet God’s wisdom is perfect our thoughts corrupted so His plan His will is perfect and unselfish where our thoughts and feelings tend to lead our desires..

Out of all that I have gone through and will go through there  is one thing I do know with all my heart and soul and totally understand if we continue in faith and love to follow our Lord and Saviour Jesus and obey as He commands then one day all that we do not understand, Our Heavenly Father will give us all wisdom and knowledge to understanding..

How many times do parent ask their children to do something but not told the reason why till later when all thing have come together..  (Many times so that the children will do it their parents ways and not their own way or recieve a reward/surprise)

How many times do children ask for something only to get the answer “no” or given something else then what they wanted.  Who later grow up to realise what they want then was not healthy, good was unattainable  or appropriate for them and understand why

How about when a child breaks their arm/leg and it has to be twisted and adjusted back into place sometimes causing more pain then original break.. The parent sits there knowing this is best for the Health of the child as they  watches with tears flowing from their eyes.. They never want their child to suffer but sometimes there is a reason..

This is How Our Heavenly Father is with us and even better for He know the beginning and the end.. He already knows how everything works together and how all things work for Good according to those who love Him..  He knows each person and their needs..  He knows each Heart and which are His and which will choose to be His..  He knows our thoughts before we know them..  He know what is best and perfect for His Children and when we suffer He cries with us, when we want to know why we will sometimes hear “because I said so” and be told why later..  We must just learn to listen and obey..

Many times we will hear “no” because that is not what the Lord has planned for us and it is not according to His Will..   Yet He Promises us that if we seek His wisdom and understanding like treasure when the time is right He will reveal all to those who seek Him and abide in His Son Jesus Our Lord, Our Saviour, Our King, Our Brother.. The One who is walking beside us through this physical life as He leads us into eternal life with Him..

I hope this makes sense for it what is upon my heart today as I meditate upon the Lord and pray for all those He has placed on my heart to pray for..  I love you all dearly may the Lord continue to fill you with His wisdom and understanding and may we be patient to wait up the Lord for His Timing is impeccable.

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