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The Lesson found within The Butterfly’s flight.

November 20, 2011

The Lesson found within The Butterfly’s flight.

Our Lord is amazing and if we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us.  He will teach His ways with His wisdom and understanding. When the Lord teaches you it a lesson and you pay attention it will remain  forever upon your heart.. Our Lord is awesome and the way He teaches us through His Word and Creation is one of the most wonderful blessing we can receive from Our Loving Father.. This summer The Lord used His Butterflies to teach me a beautiful and hard lesson

As I sat meditating upon the goodness of God, I watched the butterflies gather together upon a patch of Milkweed.. I was admiring their beauty and the delicateness   of their wings.. A sudden gentle breeze lifted  butterflies into the air..  They gracefully did their ballet around the yard.. The sight was so beautiful and awe inspiring as the breeze wisps them to another part of the yard, to a fresh new group of flowers..  As I sat there in awe of this beautiful display it came to my heart to look back to where they were before..

There struggling against the wind one lone butterfly, trying hard to go where he desired..  As he beat his wings with all his strength, he was unable to fly against the strength of the breeze.. He tried to go high, he tried to go low, he tried to go sideways, just as it look like he was making progress the gentle wind would send him back to where he began…  Finally the battle took its toll and the little butterfly came to rest upon a milkweed leaf as he regained his strength the breeze came to a stop..  I was curious by what I saw.. Why, was this one little butterfly  wasting all his strength and energy by going against the breeze.. I was about to go in but something upon my heart told me to wait..   Suddenly the wind picked up again and my eyes fell once again on the little butterfly..  I watched as he let the wind lift him high in the air, suddenly he was doing his ballet before the Lord as he let the wind guide his way..  His movement were filled such grace and  Joy as he fluttered to where he was to be among the flowers and his companions from before.

I knew upon my heart there was more to this, as I sat in awe and marvelled at what had just transpired this came upon my heart…. How many times My Children struggle against Me not allowing My Spirit to lead them, guide them and keep them..  How many times they have blamed the enemy for things when it does not go their way.. How many times My Children pray for Me to guide them yet struggle against My lead, against My directions, against My Spirit until they are too tired to struggle and more, before calling me for  My wisdom..

How many times have you called upon Me to lead you and then try to go out and do what you believe I want you to do or go, left only to feel like you are stuck going nowhere.   My Child, seek My face always, when you ask for My guidance let Me lead, do not lean unto your own understanding.  When life becomes a struggle do not automatically believe it from the enemy, instead seek My face, My wisdom for you may be struggling against Me for you asked Me to guide and protect you and I am faithful to My promises..

This lesson really spoke to my heart. For I am like that butterfly so many times… I have believed in the past that what I was doing was in God’s will only to find that I am struggling all the way..  I would blame the evil one, the enemy and find myself upon the brink of losing hope..  Like this butterfly in rest, I would fall to my knees and cry out to the Lord, then come to realize the Lord desired me to go in another way..  I know and understand that there is a struggle between the flesh and Spirit..  The desires of our ways against the Will of God for us..   So the next time I start to feel a struggle coming upon me, I will not keep beating my wings, I will stop and seek the Lord’s wisdom and should my struggle be against Him, I will stop and lift my wings and let His Spirit guide me to where I am to be..  Yet should my struggle be against the enemy, then seeking the face of the Lord is the best place one could be..

I really hope this makes sense for it is hard for me to write what is upon my heart..  May you feel the Spirit of the Lord lifts you up and bring you were you are to be, to the flowers of His choosing .

Lord God Almighty, we come to You and ask You to teach us,  Lead us, and keep us..  When we start to struggle against You bring it to our heart quickly to stop and seek Your face.. That what we desire is not always Your way for us..  Lord we ask and pray give us Your wisdom everyday so we are wise in Your ways always so we can always be a Spiritual Butterfly lifted up upon Your Spirit and placed in the garden You desire us to pollinate with Your love. Heavenly Father  we ask and pray in Jesus Name and thank you for answering this prayer..  Amen


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