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There Is No Unbelief

November 23, 2011

There Is No Unbelief
By Elizabeth York Case


There is no unbelief;
 Whoever plants a seed beneath the sod
 And waits to see it push away the clod –
He trusts in God.


There is no unbelief;
 Whoever says when clouds are in the sky,
 “Be patient, heart; light breaketh by and by,”
 Trusts the Most High.


There is no unbelief;
 Whoever sees ’neath winter’s fields of snow,
 The silent harvest of the future grow –
 God’s power must know.


There is no unbelief;
 Whoever lies down on his couch to sleep,
 Content to lock each sense in slumber deep,
 Knows God will keep.


There is no unbelief;
 Whoever says “tomorrow,” “the unknown,”
 “The future,” trusts the power alone
 He dares disown.


There is no unbelief;
 The heart that looks on when the eye-lids close,
 And dares to live when life has only woes,
 God’s comfort knows.


There is no unbelief;
 For thus by day and night unconsciously
 The heart lives by that faith the lips deny.
 God knoweth why!
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