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Enjoy the Beauty of God’s Creation..

January 14, 2012



Are you seeing the beauty the Lord has placed before you to enjoy or the blessing of others in your life.

Rejoice and find peace with in all He gives you to enjoy for even the storms although scary have beauty all their own as the Lighting brightens the sky reminding of Jesus Promise of His Glorious return as Lighting reaches the east to the west so will His coming..

The Thunder reminding us to seek Our Father for His voice is like Seven thunders in the quietness of our Hearts as He whispers the love He has for us..

And the wind as it whips the branches of the trees and plants like a wonderful dance with sudden strong gusts blow up, pruning away the dead, rotten and weak branches, to tumble down upon the ground no longer a burdensome upon the life of the tree. So does the Holy Spirit for us through conviction, by the trials and tribulations of this world. Thus He teaches us God’s ways giving us the peace beyond understanding that is freedom from the weight our burdens bears upon our soul..

All thing the Lord provides for our enjoyment and growth, have faith and with open eyes of our Hearts we will see all He has given us and all He has done for us.. Thank you Lord and please remind me to enjoy everything you have given us.. In Jesus name I pray Amen…

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