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He Loves Me

January 22, 2012

The Daisy’s Story

by Connie Faust

Oh, do not pluck the petals
from the daisy’s heart of gold,
For daisies have a story
that from ages past they’ve told.


Although you pull them all apart
and ask about true love,
There’s One Who formed them

with His hand,
the precious Lord above!
Each snow-white petal speaks of Him,
the Savior pure and sweet;
The heart of gold, His priceless love,
He lays before your feet.


If God made every daisy small
with infinite precision,
Then He’s the One

Whom you can trust
to guide in each decision.
If He can give the gift of life,
from seed to growing flower,
He’ll give you life,
and strength to grow,
through every trying hour.


There is no question of God’s love

without a doubt, it’s true !
And every little daisy tells
Take heart! for God loves you

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