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It Not Easy But It Worth It

January 28, 2012

I awoke with this upon my heart and need to share it.. As we walk on this Journey with the Lord we come to know Him better as He heals the hurts of our hearts, comforts us and removes the dirt from our lives, there will be others that take notice..

As they watch us some will desire to be like us to receive the peace of the Lord and walk in His Grace so learn that they too must walk with the Lord for their hurts to be heal and receive the comfort of the Lord.. Yet some are so filled with pain and anguish as their past hurts and angers chain them to act out in the feelings they are trying to flee..

Many times the ones hurting us are so hurt that deep down they do not see a way out so they try to drag people in to theirs and in doing that say and do hurtful thing..

Their wounded hearts are wide open for the evil one’s temptations disguises as pure impulse.. Then later many will feel guilty, yet then again because of their past the evil one will step in and turn their guilt to blame and focus it on those that are the closes to them that are walking in the Lord.. Why?????

Because the devil is a liar and knows that if he allows them to gain a healthy relationship with us then they will see, feel and desire the Lord in their life like we do and he will lose control of his pawns. For many will grow to in to a relationship with Christ because of the prayers, patience, forgiveness and love of those they hurt…

For we are to hope in all thing, pray for those lost and show them the love of God no matter how they treat us. For this is how they will see, feel and understand the Grace and love of God for it will flow through us to them.. Then not only seeds will be planted in Love but also watered with His Grace and mercy..

Jesus never said it would be easy but He promised it would be worth it..

I really hope this makes sense for I do not know why it is so heavy upon my heart to share this..

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