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The Love Of God

March 23, 2012


There is a light that shines and radiates with love
It breaks through all barriers to pick the target
And wraps its body with everlasting love and peace
An assurance in the inward of the inner mind
That’s the rays of God’s everlasting love for man
That’s just a taste; it’s an endless stream of love

You need the grace to embrace his divine love
The grace that only Him can offer for eternity
Your works are in vain without His work in focus
And His work brings His love closer to men
Don’t get stuck struggling all alone in the dark
Actively reach out for the grace and love of God

In the absence of the great enablement of God
The love of God showed to the unworthy man
Life would’ve been a barren journey for blind folks
And a race of the blind in the field of steady darkness
No struggling in the land of God’s love and grace
Your struggles each day will make you double

Start the day with the rays of God’s love and grace
And let the evening sun leave you with abundant love
See God in everything you do through His love
Show love to the people you meet because you’re love
There’s a house in you to house your God of love
It’s a mystery, the great and mighty God in you

Godwill A. Paul

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