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A Lesson from the Sunflower and Bees.

March 30, 2012


I love to sit looking out my window and admiring the beautiful Sunflowers that Our Lord has blessed my garden with.. One early morning I noticed a few bees sitting in the center of the taller flowers.. I snuck out side. It was a cool morning , to snap a shot of them. As I came upon them a strong wind blew up and the flower head violently whipped back and forth yet the these little bee’s did not move.. They stood firmly in place, unmoveable, inseparable from the Sunflower head.. As I snapped the camera, I became more curious as to their inactivity..


I pulled the flower closer and look upon the center when suddenly it was place upon my heart to leave them be and watch them from within the house.. I returned sat and watched as the morning light shed away the darkness of night the air began to warm.. The little bees began to stir and moved.. I praised the Lord that He gave me the best seat in the house for while I watch those little one I noticed that their little legs were tightly woven into the center of the flower. I continued to watch as the air warmed up they slowly un-weaved their little legs until they were loosen from the flower.. Gathering a little sweet nectar from there gracious host these little fellows continued on their way bring the Sweet Nectar back to the rest of the hive…


Now I knew in my heart there was something the Lord was trying to teach me so for a few day I pondered these little ones activity. Then this morning again there was one bee resting in the Sunflower and when I saw it, this came to my heart.. In the times that seem dark and cold and when you do not know your way home for there is darkness everywhere.. Take refuge in the bosom of my Son.. Like the little bees weave yourself deep and let Him protect you from dark, cold world.. No Windstorm of life will ever tear you from Him.. Through The Word; My Word will your bind your legs tightly into my Son.


Oh Heavenly Father during my darkest moment please always reminded me to dig myself deep into the bosom of Your Son My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ…. I ask and pray…

Written October 2010

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