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The River’s Shore..

March 30, 2012

While I was meditating on the Lord in prayer and supplication I was taken away in Spirit to a river’s shore. There was Jesus standing beside me and spoke “Walk with me.”

We walked together along the shoreline with out saying a word but His Love and Peace encompassed me like a warm blanket. Then in the distance I saw two children throwing things in to the river. I was inquisitive as to what they were doing so I looked at Jesus and ask. In a loving and tender manner He replied “Wait and you will see.”

We continued to walk along the shore until we came upon the children. I noticed in older child’s hand was a large rock while the younger child had a handful of small pebbles. When were only a few feet away the Lord stop and said “Now watch”

I watched as the older Child threw the rock into the river. There was a big splash, then nothing. Now the Younger child threw his handful of Pebbles High in the air above the river. Each one fell into the river in a different place with a quiet—plop, plop, plop. The surface of the river started to change as small ripples ran in all directions to make their way to the river’s shore. I noticed that many of ripples came together as one and made larger ripple that made their way towards us.

I was perplexed by the meaning of these events and turn to ask the Jesus but before I could get a word out for He had already knew what was on my heart and spoke this way.

Many of My Children are like the oldest child and believe to make a difference in MY Name they must make a big splash but in return it only an instant gratification to their own lives and fills them with lust and pride. The Lust of Fame and recognitions of their fellow man and pride that their work is make/has made such an immediate impact.

If more of My children were like the Younger one and do small thing in My name throughout their days then the surface of the world will be changed. It is the little things that My children do in My Name out of their love for Me that will travel far and wide. It is the little things like Love, Compassion. Patience and Understanding that make the differences. For these small things that will bring my Children into one accord.

I looked up into the face of the Lord and asked Him one thing. Lord, please remind me to do the little things in your name so that there will be a rippling effect for You in this world.

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