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The Bleeding Heart Dove’s Untold Story..

April 8, 2012


As the golden ray of the morning sun crowns the horizon, Jessie awakes with a song of Joy upon his heart.. As he watches the sun awaken over the Jordon, his voice gives way to his heart and a beautiful melody bubbles forth from his voice.. He marvels over the beauty that unfolds before him; the sky as it turns in to a beautiful tapestry of hues in pinks, purple and orange filled the sky and reflected upon the Jordon River.. Oh this was the day he and all of creations has been awaiting for, the day God the Creator of all reveals His son to the world.. Jessie heard that this day was to come and that the Jordon River was where He would be reveal.. Jessie flew down from his nesting roost in the large willow to quench his thirst before the daily crowd came to see the man preaching a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins


Returning to his perch Jessie watched the crowd gathered to be baptised by the man name John who prepares the Way of the Lord, he realized no man, woman or child seem to know how special today was, yet in the distance he could hear all of creation sing songs of joy and praise to God as they await patiently for the promise made upon the foundation of the earth.. The Son of God, The Word of the Creator has come to set the captives free and remove the curse upon all creation…


In the distance Jessie watched a man walk with such humble grace towards the Jordon.. He knew as this Man approaching must be the Holy One of God know as Jesus.. He flew to a higher branch to capture a better glimpse of Him when he heard John’s words resonate along the river bank.


“”I indeed baptize you with water; but One mightier than I is coming, whose sandal strap I am not worthy to loose. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.”


John’s eyes focused on Jesus, as He walked along the river bank towards him.. It was there that John is bewildered with the request to baptise Him.. He did as the Master requested and baptised Jesus. Oh the wonder Jessie’s eyes and ears behold as Jesus came up out of the water, the heavens were open and Spirit of God ascended upon Him in the form of a dove… Then from Heaven the Voice of God spoke “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”


Jessie could not hold back no more as a song a melody of pure praise filled his heart, he sings like he never sung before. As Jesus retreated from the Jordon into the wilderness Jessie followed.. He watched the test and temptations for 40 days that was placed upon Jesus by the devil, every temptation know and to be known by mankind.. Jessie had seen the men with the greatest hopes and faith fall to many of these temptations, yet he knew this was no ordinary man He was God’s Word made flesh. Then when the angels of the Lord came and fed Jesus, Jessie heart filled with praise for the faithfulness of Jesus…


Jessie continued to follow Jesus and in some ways he believed that He knew that this little bird was following Him.. Jessie watched as Jesus entered the temple with such zeal and boldness to clean it from the impurities of man’s greed as He drove those who bought and sold, in the temple turning over the tables of the money changers and those who sold doves.. Jessie watched with great amazement as many of his kin’s cages burst open releasing them from their imprisonments unto death.


“Oh if only mankind could understand what Jesus is and will do for them.. Release them from the imprisonment that leads unto death as the caged Doves were.” Thought Jessie..


For the next 3 years Jessie never lost sight of The Word of God, the Saviour of the world.. With great amazement and wonder and a heart filled with Joy and praise, he watched Jesus preach and spoke in parables to the broken hearted, heal the sick, forgive the sins of those seeking forgiveness, encourage the discourage, bring sight to the blind and sound to the deaf, raising the dead and stand against the self righteous..


Jessie nibbled on the crumbs that had fallen by the feet of Jesus, when He fed the multitudes.. He swooped down for a drop of water when Jesus sat with the woman at the well.. He sat on the mast of the boat when Jesus appeared upon the water.. He sang with joy as Children sat upon His lap..


When men of evil, eyes and hearts were set upon stoning Jesus, Jessie watched as He was able to slip away unnoticed by those seeking to kill Jesus..


He was filled with so much joy when he saw men and women line the road with palm leaves, sing “Hozanna in the Highest Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord” as The Word of God rode by them upon a donkey.


Then came the day of the great Passover.. Jessie sat in the rafters of the room where they had their feast.. He watched Jesus humble Himself and wash the feet of His disciples, broke bread and ate together.. He watched one of the men dip his bread in the cup of the Lord’s then leave…. Jesus spoke many things to His disciples many Jessie could not understand..


After their meal Jesus and His disciples walked to a garden named Gethsemane, not sure of what was happening Jessie sensed a heaviness and sadness, upon Jesus.. Jesus left His disciples as He walk a little further and fell to the ground calling out to God “O My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will.


Jessie was not sure of what was happening as a great sorrow fell upon his heart and he coo mournfully nearby Jesus in a small bush.. He cried for reasons he could not understand.. Jesus twice got up and seek His Disciples only to find them sleeping..


How could they sleep when the Master was heavily laden with grief.. Jessie could understand that Jesus was preparing for something big as He spoke to His disciples upon His return.. Suddenly a stirring started in the garden as a large group of men walk towards Jesus and His disciples, there in the mist of them was the man who left the Passover meal early..


What is going on? Jessie thought, as tension in the air grew.. .. He heard it said they were here for Jesus.. Suddenly in a flash a man with Jesus grabbed a sword and cut off the ear of one of the men who approached them.. Jesus with such grace picked up the ear and put His hand upon the man and healed them..


The men chained Jesus and took Him away. Jessie followed as he watched those with Jesus scatter.. He flew into the rafters of the trial room.. He heard all the charges that they accused Jesus of, yet He never said a word.. A few times Jessie piped up ” How could you not see that this Man is the Word of God made flesh, He is here to set the captives free.” But all those men could hear was coo coo coooooo.. Jessie looked down upon the Word of God and His heart broke.. How could they not see the Son of God was standing before them.. How could they ignore all He has done for them..


Jessie was told as a young fledgling that man’s thoughts and ways were not like the rest of creation.. Yet Jessie believed that their eyes were open and they could see God the Father creator of all in Jesus.. All of Creation could.. His heart filled with sorrow as he mournfully sings a song of sadness as Jesus was mocked, and lied about before being brought before Pilate, as the crowd chanted “Crucify Him”


“When will mankind learn,” pondered Jessie “because of man all of creation is cursed now they are planning on crucifying the Son of God” He tried to calm the crowd with a sweet melody but the crowd became louder and hostile. He mourned their actions…


He heard Jesus sentence of death placed upon Jesus, “How could the crucify a Man filled with so much love and grace.. How could they not see in His eyes the power of God dwelling within?” Jessie thoughts overwhelms him..


Jessie stays nearby as Jesus is lead by soldiers as a sheep to the slaughter. He witnessed the soldiers cruelty as they strip, mock and beat Jesus placing a crown of Thorns upon His head.. “Oh how the desert rose must be mournful to be used as a crown of thorns and pain upon the Head of King of Kings”.. Jessie contemplate how the rest of creation feels..


He watches them put a heavy cross upon the shoulder Jesus as He struggles under it weight while carrying it to Golgotha spectators lined the path He took.. Jessie heart broke each time Jesus fell.. “Please someone help Him, Do you not know who He is” He cried but all that could be heard over the people was his mournful coos.. When suddenly a man from the crowd was approached and compelled to help Jesus, this brought a bit of Joy to Jessie’s but not enough to settle the sorrow that overwhelms his little heart..

When Jesus reached Golgotha He was nailed to the cross and lifted up between two thieves. Jessie’s heart mourned as He sang a sorrowful melody.. He remained in a tree nearby Jesus and watched as people mocked Him.. Jessie continue to cry “Why Why have you done this to the Son of God”


Jessie flew to the foot of the cross and bowed down before Jesus, when a drop of blood fell from the His brow upon his little chest.. Suddenly the sun went dark and he heard Jesus say “Father, ‘into Your hands I commit My spirit.” Then Jessie felt a heaviness upon his back and in his heart.. He flew up back up into the tree and watch a solider piece the side of Jesus.. Jessie’s heart broke as he could take no more sorrow..


He stayed close to the body of Jesus as they took Him down.. He followed those whose hearts were commissioned to bury Jesus. He watched as the Rock was rolled in front of the door.. While Jesus disciples left to prepare for the Sabbath, Jessie could not leave.. Day and night, night and day for three days he perched on the stone in front of the grave mourning as sorrow filled his heart so.. All of a sudden on the morn of the third day, Startling Jessie the stone started to move, he flew over to a nearby limb of a Fig tree. He watched in amazement as the stone rolled away and Jesus walked out from the grave.. His heart was overwhelmed with joy and peace.. HE IS ALIVE.. HE IS RISEN..


Jessie swoop down to Jesus and sat by His feet.. He looked down and He lifted him up.. Jesus looked at Jessie with such love and compassion in His eyes.. Oh my faithful follower.. Have you have not even seen the changes that My Father has done for you.. It was then Jesus took Jessie to a small puddle of water, his reflection was not him for he was brown but the reflection was filled with many colours that were not his..


Jesus spoke so lovely to him.. “Just as the rainbow is a remembrance of the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth so will you and your descendents be a remembrance of that God’s Promise of Salvations has been fulfilled to all of creations. For where my drop of blood fell upon your chest will always be a testimony of My Father’s heart and love for all He created as well as the blood I shed for all mankind for forgiveness of sin.. The darkening on your back is to bring remembrance the sorrow the Heavenly Father felt when I died upon the cross. The three black bars across your tail and wings symbolize the nails that held me to the cross. The white of your chest is to remind My Children that through My Righteousness they are made whiter then snow. The shimmers of green is a symbol of the new life that is found in Me.. As the blue is a reminder My service to the world, while the purple is the symbol of royalty only found by abiding in me.. For The Heavenly Father has fulfilled all that was put into place before the foundation of the world for all of Creation..”


“Fly my little one and remind all of mankind and Creation that the Lord Our God has fulfilled His promise of salvation.. That God if faithful to all He promises and soon all of creation will be reborn first mankind in spirit then upon My return all of creation.. Now go Fly, and multiply never letting mankind or creation forget what has happen here and the promise of new birth…” Jesus lifts up the hand Jessie was perched on..


As Jessie took flight to let all of creation know of this great day and the promise of God, he noticed the one called Mary approaching the tomb.. “Oh what Joy will fill her heart when she see what I have” Jessie thought as he flies into the ever changing tapestry in the sky that was unfolding before his eyes..

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