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Beware of Speaking Evil About Our Leaders..

July 15, 2012

The evil one has set his traps and many well meaning and loving children of God are falling into them..

As the end times come closer there seems to be more and more speaking ill and spreading lies about the leaders of their countries..Even to the point of judging their hearts..

Yet Scripture clear states that God places all leaders into their places so that His Will will be done and we are warned in several places not to speak evil of dignitaries but to pray for them…

With this means of communication the evil one has set the traps for God’s people to stumble and fall into, for he plays with our emotions and our sense of entitlement to have our flesh bite us with the need to speak out against our leaders..

Yet several spots in scripture tells us not only to watch out for those who speak against dignitaries but warns us not to be like the world who are not afraid to speak evil about the leaders for they are the very ones that reject authority and try to persuade God’s children to speak against dignitaries instead of praying for them..

So the next time something happens within your country do not take to the Internet and post or repost against the leaders but let us fall to our knees before God and pray for them.. For this is the will of God as proclaimed throughout the Word of God, to walk in His love and grace, to speak evil of no one, and not to be complainers and grumblers as the world is for then we will fall to the ways/lust of the flesh…

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