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Seeking and Sharing the Truth In All Things

July 27, 2012


Over the last few years, I have seen so much on Facebook and the internet that grieves my heart and I truly believe also grieves the Holy Spirit and our Heavenly Father’s heart. When we speak, write share or post anything, we are called to do it in the Spirit of Truth and love, yet many of us are playing the hypocrite..


We declare as Christians that we only speak the truth yet there are many who are using untruths when they minister to others. When we do not diligently seeking the full truth that is in or around the story/situation of our source of reference, we will unwittingly share propaganda and twists of the truth from other blogs, You Tube channels, and false websites that look like newspapers.


We can see things that have been sensationalized in the media, internet and emails are being used as reference spoken as fact and truth when they were meant to deceive and perpetrate fleshly responses when one read them to quickly believe and share this info with others.. (Does this not fall in the realm of Gossip as well….) All because we forget to seek God’s wisdom in this area and fully seek the truth in all things before we speak, write or share..


Then when a non believer correct us in the reference we use, many of us take offense and feel attacked because a non believer is discrediting our words so we go and find more blogs, YouTube videos and websites that prove our points instead of truly seeking the truth (which does take time and prayer) Many of us instead of admitting that we were wrong in post untrue information and apologizing but instead ban, block and even discredit /attack or ignore the non believer..


This is where many of us are hypocrite for when a non believe speaks something that is not true we are there to correct them on these facts especially if it has to do with our beliefs and faith, yet many of us will not accept correction, when we error in the worldly reference points, come from non-believers even when they give resources that are truthful. Instead many of us pull out the persecution card and claim that what we are speaking is truth because a non believe was trying to discredit/attacked us.. Yet if many of us went to prayer to seek God’s wisdom and the truth we would be shown where we erred. Since God can use all in this world to correct us so that we only speak full truth we forget that He will use a non believer in our correction, just as he used a donkey to speak to Balaam..


Many of us let our Christian pride (remember pride is pride and comes before a fall) rears up and instead of humbling ourselves before them, thanking them for the correction we instead discredit them because they are non believers.. Yet we should be stopping and seeking the whole truth and apologizing when we are wrong and correcting our error.. Many times the problem is the source (other than the Bible) we used may be the main component of why were wrote, spoke or posted and thus makes our word untrue.. Remember a lie cannot stand with the truth and a truth cannot stand with a lie, for it is like sugar covered poison..


The greatest thing that grieves my heart is that when we react in offensiveness instead of seeking and researching the truth, we have not shown the Love of God and our post are no longer in the Spirit of Truth or Love.. As well as our negative reactions when we deal with situation like this will harden the hearts of those we are reaching out to as we dismiss the truth they share (world event situations). While in the same breath declares that we are speaking in love and truth to them. Thus we become a hypocrite in their eyes and lose all creditability with them and turn them further away from God..


Remember we are to declare the truth in all things that means we must seek and even research to make sure that the reference points we use are fully true and not be offended when we are corrected by those who know the truth of the events we use as reference..


We also have to remember the evil one is sly and will create Christian propaganda to grab hold of those who are weak in faith and understanding and temp the flesh (emotional response) as he lead them astray. As well as have us repost or use the sources as references to discredit us to the unbelievers. The whole thing is how we react when we have fallen for this propaganda. Should we err and post something incorrect how much more could we witness the love of Jesus by humbling ourselves before them and admitting we made a mistake instead of trying to defend our points with more of the evil ones lies..


So before we post, share or write anything let us go to our knees and seek the Lord wisdom and seek to make sure we are sharing only Truth and no hidden lies.. Let us remember we are called to Seek and Share the Truth in all things..


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  1. July 27, 2012 12:52 pm

    Awesome post – to truly be who God has called us to be – truth has to matter!

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