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Take A Moment to Imagine

July 29, 2012

I like everyone to imagine that your child or family member is very sick.. You post a photo of them in their time of need to share with your family and close friends, they pass aways then a few days later you see your picture of them stolen from your wall and used with out your permission or using their right name or condition..

Saying something like “Gina has a rare form of cancer support her needs facebook will donate $1.00 for each like or share”.. “Jeff can’t afford his heart transplant like this photo to get the government to help” or” if you think she beautiful hit like” (there are many others like these)

Then your hear from others or each time you access your FB, email or internet you see your child’s/family members picture spreading with a new cause to be liked or share..

Now your I ask you how would you feel each day you saw or heard of these posts.. Would this not tear at your heart and slow your grieving process by bring up hurt and anger as to how this image is being used..   Well each time we share a post like this we creating more pain for the families because 99% of these photos use in these posts are stolen from grieving families..

As Christian we are to worry about others needs and feelings above our own..  So the next time your heart is touched to like something, please stop and think is this  or could this hurt other’s heart while give my heart a warm feeling and would Jesus want me to repost/share this… Also keep this in mind one day it could be one of your pictures and/or family member being used in this way…

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