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Let’s Celebrate Jesus

December 24, 2012

This was written and shared last year, this morning I felt led to repost this as a reminder for all of us…


This is the Time of Year when many  Celebrate/honour the Birth of Jesus, as we glorify our King,  let us open our eyes, and see that we should be celebrating  everyday  all aspects of Jesus life on earth as well as what He is doing for us in the Heavenly places.

His Birth for it was the fulfillment of Prophesy and God’s Promise.

His life for He teaches us how we are to be about Our Heavenly Father’s Business and How to love like He loves..

For His Ministry as it crush the teaching and traditions of men..

His Crucifixion for He took the penalties of death upon Himself as the ransom for all that Believe in Him. His death took away the sting of death and the evil ones grasp upon men..

His Resurrection for through His resurrection we are given eternal life..

His ascension for by Him ascending into heaven, Jesus closed the gap  between us and our Heavenly Father and opened the doors to heaven for us to be the Children of God.

Every inch of Jesus life should be celebrated each min of each day of each year.  It is done through the love of Christ we show others.. For the truest way to Celebrate all Jesus has done is to love Him and His Children like He loves us..

To show and share that love with all who seek it.. To give every day of ourselves to those who are in need of comfort, love.. This is truly way to celebrate what Jesus has done is by emulating Him every moment of everyday for then we abide in Him and He abides in us..  

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