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Pennies From Heaven

February 25, 2013

The early morning summer sun greeted a small city, using the buildings to cast elongated shadows across the streets. An elderly gentleman slowly shuffled down a sidewalk with his eyes upon the ground scanning. Spotting something a spontaneous smile revealed a toothy grin. He eased himself down as he picked up what he was searching for. While rising back up in almost childlike manner, his smile grew as he tried to shuffle himself over to his next find…

This elderly man was well know in the city as the Penny Pincher for you see every penny he found on the ground he would pinch it right up… To the citizens this man acted very peculiar. Why would anyone want to pick up something of no real worth? He was the laughing stock of the city, but this tiny framed man did not seem to care what other thought. He just continued on His journey almost oblivious to what the others said…

Then later in the day a one small young child filled with such inquisitiveness while sitting on a park swing caught sight of this curious looking man. She watched him searched the ground.. When that genuine smile appeared upon his face as he bent to the ground, she wondered what it is that this man had found… “What precious treasure he must have found” she thought as her imagination flowed with all kinds of wonders…

She jumped off the swing and ran up to the man and grabbed him around the neck with a hug only a child could give..

“Oh dear sir, please tell me what beautiful treasure did you find.” She gleefully inquired as she grabbed his wrinkle whiskered face and peered in to his eyes.

His eyes met her gaze just as from a distance someone called out the little girl’s name. “Josie, Josie, get away from that man.”

Her mother barreled over to them as her eyes filled from fear to anger. Josie rose to her feet and ran up to her mother. Ignoring the look in her mother’s eyes Josie grabbed her hand and started pulling her towards the elderly man who stood and resumed his search.

“Mommy, Mommy, this man finds treasures. Come mommy I want to see what he has found that makes him so happy.. You should see the joy in his face” Josie pulls her mother closer towards the man..

Josie, stop now.. This man is the one they call Penny Pincher and all he finds is a penny. So it is no big treasure.” The mother replied quite sharply.

Josie immediately came to a stop and the mother thought that her point was made and turned to walk away.. Yet Josie remained still.

“Mommy, if there is no big treasure then why does his eyes light with joy?” She looked up at her mother with tears in her eyes.

“I don’t know darling, no one knows.” Her mother lovingly looked down at Josie.

“Has anyone asked him?” Her eyes were suddenly filled with such curiosity. She knew in her heart that there was a treasure to be found in those pennies.. Yes one that is hidden so well that they could not see it.

Her mother looked down into Josie eyes.. She knew her daughter was not going to let this rest. Unlike most children, when Josie is focused on something she cannot be distracted..

“No, I don’t think so, Let go and ask him, Honey.” The mother responded in her appeasing voice.

Josie let go of her mother’s hand and ran to the elderly man.. “Oh sir.. I know it pennies you are finding could you please tell me why.. I know you see a treasure within each one.”

The elderly man looked down with such love and joy in his eyes. “Why, my dear you are the first to ask.. And yes there is a treasure found in each one. It started one day long ago when someone told me the beautiful motto for her life. She was one filled with such wisdom and love. This is what she told me.”

He looked up at the mother this time as he spoke. “Many people do not notice the pennies that lay about on our streets. In fact they are oblivious to most but yet they will stop to pick up a larger note if it came their way.” He pauses glances down at the little girl and back to the mother and continues. “This is what she told me..

‘Did you know that there is more of a chance of you finding 10,000 pennies before finding $100 bill.. Well that is how it is with God’s blessings.. Many are oblivious to the daily blessing we are given everyday.. They do not see them as they pass by. Instead they are looking for the bigger blessing like $100 bills. A smile from a stranger, a flower that just bloomed, a friend that stood beside you during the rough times , a song bird sing its sweet, sweet song but most of all the LOVE you feel everyday these are small blessings from Heaven that builds one faith in God.. Like pennies from heaven, to fill the faith bank of our soul.”

Now the gentleman took two steps back and looked at them both and continued on. “Her word cut through me like a knife and from that day forth, I saw pennies in a whole new light…..

Each penny I found reminded me to look for a blessing and the more pennies I found the more blessings I became aware of especially ones that most consider luck, chance or coincidence.” As soon as he finished, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a penny.. This one is the most special one I have found because of the blessing that came with it.

With curiosity filled eyes the Josie as she quietly spoke almost as if knowing the answer. “Oh dear sir please tell me why that one is so special.”

The elderly man’s eyes filled with joy as his radiant smile melted years from his face , “Oh sweet little one, this one I found when a young loving girl wrapped her arm around my neck”

Josie eyes brightened as she squealed “That was me, today.”

“Yes my sweet it was.” He bent down and handed her the penny.. “The most rewarding thing about blessings is sharing it with others.”

She gracefully accepted the penny and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.. The elderly man stood up and shuffled off but this time there was almost a skip in that shuffle if it were possible..

Now the mother was speechless because his story and the interaction between her daughter for this peculiar man pierced her heart like nothing had before. There was one thing she knew for sure, she would never look at a penny the same way……

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