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Missed Opportunity

March 8, 2013

A town being evacuated because of a impending flood had a man living there who considered himself devote.. He prayed “Lord I do not want to lose by belongs please save me and my house.”

The flood grew quickly upon the man and the first floor of his home was filling with water.

He Prayed again. “Lord I will give up my belongs but please save me”

Just as he finished his prayer, his neighbour pulled up in a row boat to his front door.

“Come on, get in or you will surely parish” the neighbour lovingly petition..

The man replied ” I know you are an atheist and I am a devote man of God, My God will save me.”

The neighbour looked at the man with compassion, “Are you sure”

“My God will save me not a unbeliever” the man spoke harshly

The neighbour rowed away. The flood water rose and the man was forced up to the second floor.

He cried out to the Lord “Lord, Please, Please save me.”

Suddenly a motorboat showed up to his window.

“Sir, jump in here or you will surely die” a young punk looking teen yelled through the window.

The man took one look at the boy and deduced he was a heathen and replied

“My God will save me not a heathen like you”

The teen looked upon him in pity and said ” Sir are you sure, you are going to die”

The man yelled, “Be Gone with you, My Lord God will surely save me.”

The teen boy set upon his course for dry land..

A short time later the man was forced to the roof of his house for the flood had now devoured the landscape below.

Desperate the man fell to his knees and cried out “Lord, Lord Please save me.”

Suddenly a helicopter appeared in the sky and the man looked up. He saw a Muslim piloting the aircraft.

The pilot dropped down a rope and yelled “Climb up and get in or you will surely die.”

The man yells back up “No my God will save me not yours”

The pilot looked sadly down at the man “Please you must get in or you will die”

The man yelled in self-righteousness “Go away I trust My God will save me ”

The helicopter flew away and the man drowned.

When he came before the Lord he asked “Lord, why did you not answer my prayers and save me”

The Lord look down at him and said with pity in His eyes, “My Child I tried three times to save you yet you denied My help”

The man remembered back to the three opportunities to be saved; the rowboat, the motorboat, and the helicopter then asked The Lord with a puzzling look. “Lord, surely you would not use an atheist, a heathen and Muslim to save my life for they do not belong to You.”

The Lord looked at him with love and compassion. “Oh My Child, who are you to tell me what I will and will not do or use. For all creation belongs to me and they are part of My creation. I can use them as I see fit. While you, My child have fallen short for each one of those times you had a chance to be a witness of my Love and as to how I answered your prayer.”

We must always be ready to see answers to pray, witness the Love and  Glory of God for we never know who the Lord will put in our path to help us or give us the opportunity to Glorify His Name and help another find Him. For God will use all thing for His Glory and the good of His Children .. And remember we are called to “judge nothing before the time, until the Lord comes, who will both bring to light the hidden things of darkness and reveal the counsels of the hearts. Then each one’s praise will come from God.” for we do not know how the Lord Our God is working upon one’s heart… 1 Corinthians 4

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