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The Lessons From the Gladiolus and the Bee

August 16, 2013

I have found if we take the time to look around us God will speak to us through His Creations… This was evident again to me last week.. The past 12 months has been trying on me with trials and tribulations with in my life. There are always times when the storms of life can over whelm us.. Just when I was at weakest moment the Lord spoke to me through His creation..

My husband was doing some work around the backyard when he lawn tractor accidently sheared one of the gladiolus just about to bloom.. It misfortune went unnoticed and laid severed and broken from it roots for several days. It was when I was walking around the yard seeking some answers from the Lord that I came upon the gladiolus laying about half a foot away from the rest.. One would of thought after two days of being severed and separated from the rest it would have been wilted or dried up. Instead this beauty bud were blooming like nothing happen to it I was in awe as to how this little one survived That is when the Lord place on my heart a simple reminder.. When you feel you are severed from the support you are use to and broken by the world’s ways remember My Spirit dwells inside you and just as this flowers you too can continue to bloom My love and awe to those around you as to how you survived your trials of faith.. Your blooms of love will be witness to others of My love for My children..

This filled my heart with joy and renewed my strength to continue forward sharing His love with those around me through my trials and tribulations.. I picked up this lovely beauty and placed it in a vase, in return it continued to bloom for a week

Wait the Lord was not finish teaching me that day, Many times we are attacked because of our beliefs and the more we allow the Lord to lead us and do the work He has placed before us the attacks continue as this world becomes embroiled with the ways of the evil one..

While I continued wander through my gardens I came across a bee pollinating a Sunflower.. This one was unique compared to the rest he was slower and more diligent in pollinating then the rest as they scurry around the flower heads. Suddenly out of nowhere two bees from another colonel flew down and attacked this little bee.. Yet it did not fight back in fact it never even bother acknowledging their attacks.. He continue to work slow and diligently collecting and pollinating the Sunflower so that it seeds would be fruitful.. Eventually the two others gave up their attacks and flew to another sunflower.. I sat there watching this diligent bee when the Lord placed this upon my heart.. No matter how much those who live for the world attacks you do not be distracted by it continue forth diligently doing what I have commissioned you to do.. Share My Love, My Gift of Salvation, Continue to Share My Son Jesus to the World for the harvest is approaching quickly and the time for fertilize the hearts of My children with My Love and Word is nearing an end.. Know that I will protect you from the attacks of this world so ignore the attacks for they are just the evil ones way to try to distract you from pollinating the hearts of this world with my love..

God will speak to each of us. Many times we must take the time to meditate on His word, His Love, His beauty, His Glory and keep our eyes and heart open to the lessons He want to teach us through His Word and Creation..

I was and still am blessed by the lessons He taught me through the Gladiolus and the Bee and the renewal of strength he gave me to carry forth the work He has commissioned me to do…

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