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Why I left Facebook~~ How and Why God Called Me Out.

February 28, 2015

I left Facebook over two years ago. Since then I have had many people ask me why I left and why I will not return.  My answer is that the Lord called me out showing me the true nature and danger of Facebook; Commanding me to never return.

It has been heavy on my heart to share this testimony for some time and now it is piercing my heart that I must do so.

In mid 2012 the Lord showed me a vision of Facebook.. He placed it upon my heart that I am not to call Facebook, Faithbook as many other do and have as well as put it heavy upon my heart to leave.

He showed me that the foundation (creation) of Facebook was based in deception, anger, lust, competitiveness, greed and for attention and as it grew more and more negative attributes help build this medium for communication.. The foundation of Facebook is the black pit of despair..

Since this is not a foundation from God the evil one has more strength in this medium to deceive, manipulate and feed upon the weakness and insecurities of people..

He showed me that His children cannot enter nor stay in Facebook deceived that they are on neutral ground but know that the foundation is not from God and that when we enter we are entering as lights in the darkness.. For Facebook is filled with darkness and deception..

We are in the time when people will fall into the ways of deception and give into the delusions of this age that occupy their minds.. He does not want all His children to leave Facebook but those who are fallen into the trap and snare to walk way, those who are weak from the spiritual battle to take a break when He call them to.. (when they don’t they will fall quickly too), He wants His children to be aware of the many snares and the traps in Facebook that ensnare His Children into Deception and self.  He wants His Children to heed His voice when He calls them out and not let anyone plant seeds of doubt that they are not to leave. That the evil one will use doubt and manipulation to keep one in his grasp.

This is  a picture of vision the Lord gave me of Facebook. When He called me out several years ago. 



The murky foundation of sand (pit of darkness) and the beast with many arms trying to grab and deceive the Children of God especially the weak and faint of heart as well as His Spiritually weary warriors.  

He showed me how these tentacles have faces some look like very religious and spiritually filled men and women, yet they only speak in part truths and lies.. They mesmerize the weak of heart and those who are not willing to seek the truth but want to follow what sound good..

The other tentacles are ones portraying they need help and guidance to grab those with compassionate hearts to entertain them and occupy their time and steal their strength so that God’s strong in faith are pulled away from the true ministry they were called to do.  The evil one  is trying to halt God’s children from moving forward in sharing the truth with those who are really seeking His Face as he feeds on their weakness.

There are so many lies and half truth as well as gossip being shared by God’s Children in Facebook because they forget to seek His Wisdom.. So many ears are being tickled and so many are being deceived by the spirit of this age..

This is how I know in my heart we are in the end times and closer than many believe. For we are in the time of deception and delusions; in the time of teachings that tickle ones ears. Unless His Children wake up and seek His Face and His Truth for themselves, they will be become sheep lead to the slaughter by wolves in sheep’s clothing..

I am not tell God’s Children to leave Facebook but to heed His voice.  Listen to His desire for you and do not let the evil one deceive you.  Seek God’s wisdom and understanding. Should He be calling you out do not let those stuck in the murky quick sand pull you under by staying.  Trust in the Lord, Seek His Face and Heed His Voice. Let Him guide you to the green pastures where you may rest and be fed.  

For those who are to remain beware of your surroundings.  We know that God will use everything for the good of His people yet do not let the evil one deceive you that Facebook is a Godly domain for it not.  It is the snare of the evil one and the battle ground for souls.   

Keep strong in God, Wise like serpents and gentle like doves knowing that deception is strong within it boundary.  Keep your Eyes and Hearts fully focused on the Lord and continue to seek His wisdom search all matters and seek all truth. 

 May the Lord bless you and keep you all.    

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