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The Weary Traveller

The wind whips up sand in to a young weary traveller’s eyes as his legs are about to give out. It has been a long, rough, tiresome and lonesome journey for the young traveller  The spiritual desert is never kind to those who travel through but just as his feet were about to give out, he notices an oasis just beyond horizon. With despair in him voice a small cry leaves his dry parched lips. “Please do not be a mirage”

Mirages were not uncommon on his journey and they were so deceivingly real that he diverted many times from his journey, only to be left disappointed, empty and lost. Oh how he wish he could find a place where he could rest his feet and find something good for him to eat.

As he wearily wandered closer the oasis began to take shape. His heart jumped with joy, for years he has been searching for the food and drink that would quench his hunger and thirst. Hope started to bubble inside him, as he realizes that before him is truly an oasis. This renewed hope gives his legs the strength to travel the short distance.


The young traveller is awe-struck at what lays before him, an enormous beautiful garden filled with such colourful exotic plants and fragrances. After he enters, he stops and rest under the first large sycamore tree that he spies. He gently places down the burdensome backpack that he has carried since the start of his journey.

The young man surveys the surroundings, when he notices not far off people scurrying to and fro; up and down well beaten paths. Remembering from past experiences, that some people were easily disturbed when a stranger entered their territory, he quietly observes. He realizes that they either do not notice him or care that he is here. They seem to rush around as if they have no care in the world; up and down the paths doing their own thing and greeting each other as it seem fit.

He is a little confounded by their behaviour, for they seem to have an air of confidence and pride in their walk. They appear to be full of zeal for life but there is no gleam in their eyes only hollowness, like a piece of them is missing. Curiosity gets the better of him and he rises, picks up his heavy backpack and places on his shoulders as follows a group down one of the paths.

He becomes aware that the people do not appreciate this garden only where they are going, when they would get there, and who would be there. He could not comprehend how anyone could ignore such beauty. Their manner of words perplexes him for they seem to be worried about some future event that they were certain to be a part of.

As his stomach starts to growl, he contemplates, “Oh how I have not eaten in such a long time and even then the food I did eat was not appetizing.”

At the last oasis, the food left a bitter taste in his mouth. He is just about to faint when a pleasant odour filled his nose. He looked around and noticed that the path he is on leads to a colossal gem shaped glass building. Assuming that the aroma originates there, his hunger over takes him and he quickens his pace. Passing the group he is following, he manoeuvres towards the doors. He swings the large glass doors which reads Daily Scripture Verses. He ponders how unusual the name is as he enters.

The atmosphere overwhelms the traveller that he is unaware of the petite elderly woman who sneaks in after him. His eyes became transfixed on the sight before him. The shape of the building and the strategically placed mirrors allows the sunlight to sweep across the inside the building. The air is filled with sounds of people talking, laughing and music plays ever so softly in the background. He studies and observes the people going back and forth from their tables to a large counter that stood several feet in front of him. He examines the appetizing food as they head back to their tables with their trays. Suddenly he becomes nauseated although the food looked appetizing its smell is contradictory and conflicting.

“Well the food can’t be that bad, the natives appear to be well fed and happy. I am sure I have had worse.” He ponders for hunger is now in control of his thoughts. As he moves his way towards the line at the counter he notices the large menu board, which on tops reads:


Your place for Individual and Church Doctrines as well as any spiritual need you have.

If you have any question please ask one of our helpful servers

The traveller is baffled by the items listed below the greeting. He contemplates to himself as he tries to make out which items would fill his hunger. “Should I order some doctrines? Do I want denominational doctrines or individual. What about some verses for joy? Must have Faith or must have Works? And what do they mean by Trinity, What is Prosperity by faith? Daily Devotionals”

Confused and perplexed about what to order the young traveller taps on the women shoulder in front of him and asks ” Madam I am new here what would you recommend.”

“Oh you must have the Baptism of the Spirit and with a side of Tongues?” She says quickly as she turns around to face him. She is a beautiful lady full of zest and life but her eyes has such a hollowness almost like a lost child.

“How can she be so happy and yet have eyes so empty.” This thought crosses his mind as a boisterous man behind him bellows with such spitefulness. “You can’t have Baptism of the Spirit without water baptism first and did I hear you right tongues, now that a laugh and a waste of time it is nothing more than filler.”

“Oh that is what you say but I know better. Here take this.” She picked up her side of tongues and throws it at the man. As her demeanour change to anger , agitated and self-righteous her eyes lose their hollowness and begin to boil with rage, “How dare you talk to me like that”

All of a sudden the building’s atmosphere change as anger a pride erupts. Each person now defends their order, their attitudes changes from one of harmony to one of discord and self-righteousness; all except for one person.

The petite elderly lady that slipped through the door behind the young traveller earlier slowly touches his elbow as he starts to grieve, “Maybe the rumours are true maybe there is no place that can actually fill my hunger and thirst.”

“Young man do not be discouraged for I will bring you to my Master and He will fill your hunger and quench your thirst if that is what you truly desire.” She interrupts his thoughts with a soft and loving but bold and confident tone. The traveller looks down at her and is taken back by her eyes. Never has he met someone with such love in their eyes, and genuine concern for him.

“That is my greatest desire; I have travelled so long and so far to quench my hunger and thirst.” His heart leaps with joy and excitement as he spoke.

The elderly lady grasps his hand tightly, “Come with me.” Almost oblivious to the commotions and arguments that erupts around them he follows her out of the building.

A fresh breeze caresses his face as his nostrils fill with a sweet flowery aroma. As he glances at all the broad and wide paths full of people, he wondered which one she is going to take him down. When suddenly she pulls his hand hard to the right, “Come on now follow me, don’t worry about them they do not know whether they are coming or going.” She speaks as her eyes filled with pity and sorrow. “I pray for them everyday but they all think they know what is best for them. Now come on the Master has been waiting for you”

She took him off the beaten paths on to a straight and narrow one that is not well-travelled. “It’s a shame more don’t take this path for this is the path to the Master.”


He hesitates for a moment then asks “The food looked good although the smell was different, was it not good for me to eat.”

The elderly lady stops for a moment and looks up at him. Her eyes full of love and mercy. “Oh my, when the food is supplied by the Master it is good to eat but they have cut it all different ways to please their own needs and desires. Like a blow fish when it is cut wrong the food has become poison to their soul and allows pride to reign in their hearts with no remorse. Come on now the Master is waiting.”

straight and narrow

As they travel down the narrow path the young man takes in all the beauty around him when he notices a quaint humble looking lodge ahead of them. Although it is not as dramatic as the first building it has a unique ambience as roses of all different colours grows up the walls.


The lady leads the young man to the door which has a simple inscribed tablet on it that reads search the scriptures. As they approach the door it opens and a Man who eyes were filled with such pure love, mercy and understanding stood before them.

“Master here is the weary traveller.” The lady said with such joy as if she has found something that was lost.

“My dear, you have travelled many years and many miles looking for the Food of Life. Well your search is over you having found what you have been looking for.” The man speaks with such loving kindness. “Here let me take your burdens from the past and leave them here with the rest.”

The young traveller lets the Master take the backpack and watch as He placed on a pile of other’s burdens.
“Come Follow Me.” The Master commands as He leads the traveller through the door.

Although there are not many windows the inside illuminates, as a sensation of Love, patience, hope and faith fills the air. He looks around and observes many people sitting together at one large table singing psalms of love in one accord. He spots the elderly lady that led him here and beside her the only empty chair. Since it is larger than the rest the young man concludes that it must be the Master’s seat. Master heard his thoughts and says. “Please take that chair for you are the guest of honour today for we are celebrating that we have found one that was lost.”
The traveller does not understand the importance of those words but he does not hesitate and sits down as the Master leaves the room for a moment.

“Where has the Master gone to?” He questioned the lady who brought him here

“He gone to bring us our meal.”

“But I have not ordered anything.” He anxiously responds

“Oh my dear, we do not have to order anything for the Master already knows our daily needs and He faithfully fills them all.” She looks at him with such confidence and joy in her eyes.

“But I don’t see a spot where the Master will sit while we eat.” He looks around as he verbalizes the question on his heart.

“Oh my young man, that is the great thing about our Master, He has no need to eat like we do instead He serves each one of us individually. He makes sure we are cutting and eating the food correctly so that our souls will be sustained through our journey in life.”

Just as she finishes speaking the smell of fresh bread fills the room and the Master reappears. “Please my Children let us give thanks to Our Father for the precious food He has placed before us.” The Master speaks with such authority.

The young man follows along as each person closes their eyes and bows their head. In unison they sing praises and thanks for the blessing they are about to receive.

When the traveller opens his eyes there before him is a large glass of milk. He glances down the table and notices that some have milk; some have small morsels of food while others like the elderly lady beside him have large bites of meat.

“How am I going to be filled by a glass of milk?” the young traveller ponders in his heart.


The Master answers what his heart ponders. “Oh my Child, you are still a babe and I must nurture you with the milk before you can eat the meat. Do not worry for the milk will fill you and before you know it you will be grown enough to eat large chucks of meat.”

The young traveller still weary from his travels and today’s discoveries places the glass of milk to his mouth and drinks. Suddenly as if there is new life breathed into him the young man’s heart and soul fills with such unadulterated love, hope and faith. His countenance change and pure peace falls upon him while pure praise comes upon his lips. “Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty Creator of the Heaven and the Earths I thank you for this Day, for I was lost and now I am found. I was weak but now I am Strong. Thank you and Praise your Wondrous and Holy Name Abba, Father of All, My Holy and Wondrous Heavenly Father Thank You Praise You.”

The young traveller jumps from his seat and falls on his knees in front of the Master and kissed his feet. “Rise my Child, My Brother, for you have been set free come feast at my table. Come live with me and I will always be near to you. Come walk with me daily and I will carry you when you are weak and about to stumble. I will never let you fall or lead you astray.”

The young traveller rises to his feet and looks into the Master’s eyes and says what is upon his heart. “I Love You Jesus, I want to stay with you.”

“You are no longer a stranger or a traveller you are my Brother and My Father is Your Father for you are no longer an orphan but an adopted Child of God’s and these are your brothers and sisters” Jesus speaks with authority and love as He hugs him.


The young man turns and before him hundreds of people are rejoicing that one of lost has now been found. Tears fill his eyes as he feels a strong tug on his arm. The petite elderly lady with her loving eyes busting in tears pulls him down to eye level. She throws her arms tightly across His shoulders and whispers in his ear “Welcome to the Family”

Now the young man continues to live with the Master and in then near future he greets the weary travellers that enter the oasis, in this manner.

“Come with me we will go SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES for that is where the Master can be found.”

A New Beginning~~A New Life~~An Everlasting Life


(If this story speaks to your heart and you are feeling led to share it , feel free to copy, share, print this out it is a gift from the Heart to all)

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